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Monday, September 9, 2013

Molly's 3rd Fairy Princess Party

Let me preface this by saying my camera has been slightly tempermental lately, and of course decided to not cooperate on her party day!..BOO!! Almost ALL her bday pics blurry and unfortunately  I didn't realize it until I downloaded them.  I'm so sad about it, but thank goodness I used my cell phone for some, so they may not be of the best quality but at least I have some! :)

Molly is all about fairies and princesses so what better party than a fairy princess for my big 3 year old! She loved everything about it!  Last year I don't think she really got what a birthday party was all about, but she definitely got it this year! 
She was all about helping me get everything ready.  
She welcomed her friends and brought them immediately to the fairy changing station to transform.  

And of course the brothers were in on the action.  They were excited to be the transformation coordinators, tea party waiters, and activity leaders.  They were awesome!!  I don't know if I would've had the energy to do all they did!

The girls loved making their fairy dust necklaces.  Once again...thank goodness for the boys! :)

The waiters serving "tea" and desserts. The girls thought they were so big drinking out of real glass tea cups! I found them at goodwill for 25 cents a piece so I didn't have to worry about them breaking! 

Seriously the BEST birthday cake I've ever eaten!  Will be using her again!

And last but not least, opening the presents.  May or may not have been her favorite part! lol

Big brother helping with the new lipgloss.

Love this little princess!!

I had a blast getting ready for this party. And even more fun watching my little girly girl love every second with her friends!  

Happy Birthday to the sweetest and happiest little girl I know!  We love you so much!!!


Leggio said...

Oh my tooooo cute. Happy birthday sweet Molly!!!!! Mia was excited to see pics if you. Hope y'all are doing well. We moved into our house finally this past weekend. I will have to post pics soon.

jennifer said...

OH MY!!! I love everything!!! I just wish we had been there :( What a sweet party for such a sweet little girl!
I love you Miss Molly!! Happy Birthday!!!