Our Journey to Molly


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good bye summer..:(

Where did summer go??  I can't believe it's over and the school year has begun!  I have lots of pics to post but don't want to cram it all in one, so I'll start with the pics that Jen D., took of Molly when she visited in July!  It was a spur of the moment shoot, and Molly had the crazy pig tails, chippy fingernail polish, and pink cheeks from playing so hard all day, but I think these may be my favorite of all pics ever taken of her..because they are totally HER!!  She captured my sweet, girly, tough, beautiful girl...all in one :)

It'll be hard to figure out which ones I want to hang  because I love them all!  I'll just post some of my favs because she got a lot of great ones!

And last but not least, G-man and my sweet Wesleigh :)  I heart it!

The only problem I have now is, who will compare to this???  Guess we'll have to make this an annual girl's weekend for sure! :)

Thanks Jen for the AMAING pis!!

To come...Molly's 3rd Bday, the beach, and first day pics! :)

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