Our Journey to Molly


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

catching up with end of summer and beginning of school pics!...finally!

We waited until the end of summer to go to the beach this year, which made for a long wait, but it gave us something to look forward to. It was also much less crowded since Texas was the only state not back in school yet.  It was actually a great time to go! We went to Panama City, Fl this year, but were able to stop off at both sets of parents houses on the way, and spend time with everybody.  
First stop was at PawPaw and Gigi's house(JOn's parents).  The kids always love their time here...swimming and building things with pawpaw.  We went to the zoo this time and the kids loved it. Especially Molly, who hasn't been to a zoo since we were in China!  It's small but wasn't crowded like the ones in Dallas, so they were able to get up close and really get a good look at everything.

Spending some pool time with their favorite Uncle Gaston

Next stop was Baton Rouge to see my parents.  My parents and sister watched the kids and Jon and I went on our annual night to New Orleans trip!  It's the one time a year that we act like we're 20 again and live it up.  It's not until the next day that we realize we're NOT 20 and can't hang the way we use to!..Lol
Speeding out of town kidless! ;)

One of our first dates 20 years ago was to this bar, Tropical Isle, on Bourbon Street.  We always make sure to go back here :)

Sitting on the balcony watching all the crazies below! And believe me, there is some good people watching here!

Next up, the beach!!  We had great weather, except for the last day it rained, so we went to ripley's believe it or not.  These places are always a little creepy to me, but the kids thought it was so cool.

 We went on a pirate cruise with one of our family friends from Melissa, The PIcketts, who were staying close by us the same week! So fun!!

The pirate pulling the treasure in, and Jon obviously excited about it..hehe 

We had so much fun! I seriously could live here...or at least for the summer!  We were sad to leave and dreading the looong drive home, but had to get back because school started the next week :(

Which brings me to First Day of School pics!
 Ben - 6th
Reed - 3rd
Gage- kinder
Molly- pre-k

I was worried about how Gage would do in Kinder because he's a mama's boy and loves being home with me.  He went to preschool 2 days/week last year and complained about going every time. And lots of times I would let him stay home just because!  He had a rough first week.  Complained about going the whole way there and cried the 3rd day getting out of carpool.  Was so hard to see him go through this, but he's finally adjusted, made lots of friends, and seems happy to go in the mornings now.  He even had strep this week and wasn't happy about having to stay home because he'd miss his friends!  SO happy and relieved that he's happy :))

I have to tell a funny Gage story....so he comes home the first day and says" MOM!  I had the BEST chocolate milk today! I'm not spending any more time with white milk."
I promise this isn't his first chocolate milk..lol
This kid keeps us laughing!
Molly outside of her school.  She couldn't wait to get in!

As you can see, she was just a little excited to be a big school girl :)  She is still loving it and her teacher sent me a note saying she is so sweet and makes friends so easily.  I'm so proud of my sweet girl.

Molly and I meeting Gage and Reed at school for lunch.  Ben's too cool for his mama this year!

Soccer season is in full swing and the boys have a cheerleader... or 2... cheering them on this year..

Molly went to her first dance class(ballet/tap) this week and loved it! (surprise surprise.:)
I couldn't get enough of her in her little outfit and ballet slippers.  Too cute!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Molly's 3rd Fairy Princess Party

Let me preface this by saying my camera has been slightly tempermental lately, and of course decided to not cooperate on her party day!..BOO!! Almost ALL her bday pics blurry and unfortunately  I didn't realize it until I downloaded them.  I'm so sad about it, but thank goodness I used my cell phone for some, so they may not be of the best quality but at least I have some! :)

Molly is all about fairies and princesses so what better party than a fairy princess for my big 3 year old! She loved everything about it!  Last year I don't think she really got what a birthday party was all about, but she definitely got it this year! 
She was all about helping me get everything ready.  
She welcomed her friends and brought them immediately to the fairy changing station to transform.  

And of course the brothers were in on the action.  They were excited to be the transformation coordinators, tea party waiters, and activity leaders.  They were awesome!!  I don't know if I would've had the energy to do all they did!

The girls loved making their fairy dust necklaces.  Once again...thank goodness for the boys! :)

The waiters serving "tea" and desserts. The girls thought they were so big drinking out of real glass tea cups! I found them at goodwill for 25 cents a piece so I didn't have to worry about them breaking! 

Seriously the BEST birthday cake I've ever eaten!  Will be using her again!

And last but not least, opening the presents.  May or may not have been her favorite part! lol

Big brother helping with the new lipgloss.

Love this little princess!!

I had a blast getting ready for this party. And even more fun watching my little girly girl love every second with her friends!  

Happy Birthday to the sweetest and happiest little girl I know!  We love you so much!!!