Our Journey to Molly


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Girly Girl Weekend!

Our first annual China girls weekend was a success!!  Girls bonded...both littles and mama's!   It's so much fun to actually meet and hang out with people that you have only met on blogs.  Even though I've only met Jen D. once and have never met Amber in person, I just knew we would hit it off and talk non-stop ALL weekend!  They even had this mama up til 1AM the first 2 nights... and that just doesn't happen anymore!  They experienced a one time thing with me...lol!
Amber and Mia came in Friday morning and then we met Courtney and her daughter, Harper, at the mall for some build a bear fun!  Another friend of mine and Jen Newberry's, who lives in our neighborhood, just started the adoption process, and she and her two girls met us there too.  So much fun!
Primping and getting ready for our big mall excursion..

The Gang!  From left to right..Harper, Wesleigh, Mia, Gracie, Ella(in lap), Macky, Kirby, Molly

Kissing kitty's heart before she puts it in. 

And the happy girls with their new stuffed animals :)

Next up...carousel!!   These things get me so sick so I made a deal with Newberry that I'd buy her ticket if she rode with Molly.  I definitely got the better end of the deal :)

One of many photo shoots..

One of many tea parties...

And one of many dress up parties! :)

We went out to eat Friday night and afterward the girls had fun with the ducks.  
Feeding them..

Riding them..

And of course playing Duck Duck Goose!! :)

And MORE photo shoots.  Molly copying Gracie's every more...so cute

Gage and the girls thought it was hysterical to try and run Mrs Jen down in the jeep!  I mean seriously....look at that laughter! She'll do anything for a good shot! :))

Me with the sweet girl who stole my heart years ago, and first changed my heart for the orphan.  

So blessed to have these women and girls in my life.  Love y'all and can't wait for our second annual!

Go to Jen D.'s blog here to see the professional pics of the weekend.  She also took some AMAZING pics of Molly that I will post when I get them.  Looks like I'll be flying Jen D. Photography down for family pics from now on! ;)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slow Down Summer!

I can't believe it's already mid-July!  I'm really enjoying this care free, no schedule summer and it's going by WAY too fast!  We usually are packed with camps but I decided to forgo all that this year and just enjoy relaxing and we've loved every second!  All of the boys are playing summer soccer, but practices are in the evenings and games on weekends, so our week days are free to sleep in and chill :)

I feel like I need to catch up since it's been a while since I've posted. I have way too many pics, but I'll post what I can.  My nephew, Luke, has been with us for most of the summer so far. Since he lives in Baton Rouge, we only get to see him a couple of times a year, so we've really enjoyed having him here.
Waiting in line at 6 Flags..

Little miss loved this gravity jump thing at a new trampoline park by our house..

  Ok so this is the funny part.... so Molly thinks that Luke is HERS!  Well our friends down the street just got home from China with their little girl, Ella, a couple of months ago.  We all went to see her and Luke was playing with her.  Molly was taking it ALL in!  She didn't say anything there, but when we got home, Luke got the cold shoulder ALL day!!  She snuggled with her Pa like the pic below and wouldn't even look at Luke!  He would try and get her to come to him and she would just turn her head the other way! It was pretty funny...even though Luke didn't think so! Hard to believe a 2 year old can be jealous but she so was!  I guess he finally kissed her butt long enough that day that she forgave him.  Princess isn't used to sharing the men in her life..haha.  After that I'd ask her if she wanted to go play with Ella and she quickly responded...NO!  They have since played and warmed up to each other, but just so funny to me!  Guess she's gotta learn to share attention sooner or later! :)

BFF's in the making...

Luke walking her down the street to see her future BFF :)

 See...they really love each other!

I love this pic of this boys and fairy waiting on Luke to fly in.

Playing with friends at the sand park

Superman and fairy watching Ben play soccer

 And what else but more soccer!

Reed is on 3 soccer teams this summer and is having a blast.  This is his first indoor soccer game

Gage and his buddy Lleyton and their first indoor soccer game

Molly and Nana digging for worms with a princess wand...ewwww.  

Finding some bigguns!

4th of July!  The city put on a fireworks show and then a lot of people around the lake put on their own shows.  Seemed like everybody was trying to outdo each other.  It was awesome for those of us watching!  We tried a few of our own and they went haywire and nearly hit the house and us!!  We decided we're better spectators than fireworkers!

First time Nana had ever been on a jet ski!

Brothers playing on the same team!  Reed playing on Ben's team and buddys Evan playing on brother Dawson's team.  So fun to watch!

Reed and his frogs...

and summer wouldn't be complete without sleepovers and a den full of sheet tents!

Molly riding Turbo!

I'm really excited about this weekend.  Jen Doughty, Wesleigh, and Gracie,,baseballstobows.blogspot.com, and Amber and Mia.. leggiofamily.blogspot.com, are coming to visit the Jen's in Melissa and Courtney and Harper this weekend!  We are going to have a blast!  Jen D is the person whose blog I  "stumbled" onto years ago and started following when I was looking for brick floors for my kitchen and eventually led to us wanting to adopt!  I fell in love with little Wesleigh and adoption and the rest was history!  I'm sure I'll have lots of pics to post :)