Our Journey to Molly


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter, Gage's Birthday, Ben's birthday, and more

We had a great Easter this year. Pa, Nana, and Aunt Pat were in which made it even better!  Thunderstorms were rolling in early in the morning, so we had to wake the kids around 7am so that they could find them before it rained.  Last year we had an indoor hunt because of the rain, so I was determined to have it outside this year, even if it meant that they were rushed to find them all within 5 minutes before the drops started!  They managed to find most of them, and what they didn't find, Rascal(our newest crazy dog)  found the rest while we were at church.

Shirtless with Target bag....not the pic opportunities I was hoping for :)

Diggin into the goodies

 Not sure why Molly's holding her hands out. I think I told the boys to put their hands down :)
 Molly showing off her new "Rella" shoes.   She LOVES her princess shoes and will kick off anything she's wearing as soon as she gets home to put on her heels!
 Molly loves her Nana and Pa, but she is obsessed with her Pa!  She'll choose him over anybody, including me and Jon!  As soon as he told her he was leaving, she burst into tears and didn't stop for 10 minutes after he left.  We've never seen her do that with anybody!  It was sad but sweet.  Happy they have that bond.

We've been watching The Bible on the History Channel on Sunday, and Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection was on Easter.  It was hard to watch but to actually have a visual of what He went through, just so we could be saved and be with Him forever was amazing.  Thank you Jesus!  I highly recommend watching it if you haven't.

So my big Gagey boy is 5!  He's been counting down for months now and so ready to be a big boy, and he has finally reached it.  Makes me sad in a way that he's not a baby anymore and will actually be in kinder next year!  What??  I'm so not ready, and I don't think my little mama's boy is either.  As CRAZY as it is around here right now, I wouldn't trade a thing.  I wish I could freeze time.

We had his birthday party at the #1 dreaded place for parents....Chuckee Cheeese!!  Of course the kids had a blast and that's all that matters,..right?? :)

Gage's friends...

Gage and daddy..

My big 5 year old!

 Sorry Anna, no time for chatting when cake is involved!

He was SOOOO excited about his 1000 tokens ticket!

 They got a few minutes in this ticket booth to grab as many tickets as possible and they came out with tons!!  They laughed like this the whole time....hilarious!
 So since I feel time is slipping by before my baby boy goes to kinder, I've been letting him pick what we do on Wednesdays, and he has picked the mall everytime!  It could be worse, so I'm not complaining.  I'm just wondering when he's going to get tired of the carousel!
 We were in the play area today, and a little 3 or 4 year old boy kept staring at her on the top of the slide.  All of a sudden he puckered up and tried to kiss her...and she kissed him back!!  Oh. no. she. didn't!!   Let's just say the brothers, AND daddy, were NOT happy and gave her a quick lesson on how to punch a boy!  Oh my....poor girl won't be dating until she's 30!

sidewalk paint...hours of entertainment..

Rascal even got in on the action.
 Bringing Gage his lunch to school.  My little side kick...love our days together!

 My big 11 year old!!  He requested a dirt cake so that's what he got!  He was happy to have family in to help celebrate. Can't believe I have an 11 year old!


 This makes me happy :)

The Henry's from  Bases Loaded  made it home with Harper and she's doing great!!  Next up...  cheeseburgers and chopsticks !  Can't wait for our playgroup to finally be complete!!!