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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Excuses..to give or not to give...

I could give a long list of excuses on my blogging slacker status, but I'll spare you.  I'll just say Merry Christmas, Happy 8th Birthday Reed, Happy Valentines Day,  happy spring break,  and anything else that I forgot all in one!! :)
I'll start with some of our Christmas pic family photos..

Molly's first Christmas was so much fun!  Let's just say it looked like a pink glittery bomb exploded in our den!  It also snowed on Christmas day!  Seriously what are the chances of that in Texas?  Almost none!!  The kids had a blast sledding down the hill by our house, making snowmen and making and eating snow ice cream.  Best of all, Molly actually got to use he snow suit..Ha!

1st gingerbread house...

 And the best part...eating it!!

STOMPEEZ!  I thought they would be a hit but I think they wore them Christmas morning and that was the end of that!

  Snow ice cream! Excuse the undies shot...that's how the boys roll around here!

 She loves her princess barbies and knows all of their names now.  If anybody has any good suggestions on organizing them, I'm all ears.  Barbies everywhere!

 The snow was beautiful and fun while it lasted, but this southern girl is ready for the heat!  Come on summer!

This girl can do no wrong in his eyes!

 Jon coached Reed's bball team and they made it to the championships! They lost in the final game so got 2nd place overall, which is so awesome, but obviously not to Reed!  Yes, That would be him... the one balling!  Guess we've got some work to do on being a good sport!
Reed had his 8th birthday at cosmic jump(a big trampoline jump place)!  Perfect place for a bunch of rowdy 2nd grade boys!

Our sweet princess..

Reed was in his 2nd grade 50's musical and sang at the front for the whole song with a microphone(yakkity yak don't talk back) and didn't seem the least bit nervous!  He did NOT get that from his mama!! We were so proud of him.
  Roller skating is BACK!  This week is our spring break and the boys have been begging me to take them since they went with friends a while back.  They were just a little impressed that their old mama could actually skate!  Guess it's like riding a bike..it all comes back :)  The kids have had a very busy and fun week with their friends.  Makes me ready for summer!

Our friends The Henry's are leaving for China tomorrow to get their little Harper!!!  I'm so excited for them and can't wait to finally see her in their arms!  She's at bases loaded if you want to follow them in China!  

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Jennifer Newberry said...

I see Molly every day but wow! She looks so much older in these pics!!! Love the update!