Our Journey to Molly


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a year ago today...

Jon and I were on a plane for China to bring Molly home!!  My emotions were all over the place...from being sad to leave our boys for 2 1/2 weeks and spending Christmas apart, to the most excitement and nervousness I'd ever felt, being able to FINALLY bring our daughter home!  I've been doing lots of reminiscing this week... looking back at pics from China and over this past year.  I'm still amazed that this is our life....I'm so in awe and thankful that God chose US to be this amazing girl's parents!  

I've had a blast Christmas shopping for barbies and babies this year :)  Trying to keep the number of toys even, but I may be a little out of control with the pink this year!  Oh, and the Christmas outfits...don't even get me started!  LOL 

We had Gage's Christmas party at preschool today and they were so sweet to let Molly participate and eat the food.  Thank goodness they did because she was giving me the "poor me look" when she thought she wasn't getting any...lol   
And this pic just makes me laugh. As much as Gage loves Molly, he still has a little issue with jealousy and the attention she gets.  Sometimes he just wants it to be about him...so when he thought it was going to be a pic of him and his BFF, he was thrilled...and then out of nowhere pops Molly! All smiles front and center!....hence "the look" I'm getting from G-man!..hehe!

 Passing out his gifts to the other kids...

 decorating cookies!

Molly loved decorating the cookies...but loved eating the sprinkles by the spoonful even more :)

We went to visit Santa last weekend.  I wasn't sure what Molly would think of him, but once she saw how excited her brothers were and ran up to him, she wasn't far behind! A little blurry...

I'm so behind I haven't even posted about Thanksgiving!  We had a great week!  Jon's parents (Gigi and PawPaw) came in for a couple of days to visit.  

Ben's in a running club and so we ran in the McKinney Believe 5k with them.  Ben did great and has gotten the bug to do another one!  Woohoo...I finally have a running partner :)