Our Journey to Molly


Saturday, November 10, 2012


I realize this is a little late, but that is the story of my life nowadays!  This was Molly's first halloween and she quick to the whole trick or treating concept.  Took her watching the boys at one house before she knew how to knock, say trick or treat, and hold her bag out for candy!  

Introducing Mario, Finn and Jake(cartoon network) and Queen Bee!!  

Gage had a Fall Festival parade at his school.  That's his buddy Brooks in front of him...these two laugh non-stop and are hilarious together! 
Moustache on...
  ...and it's OFF!!.

I love this one.  Makes a mama's heart happy..

Bee and Jase(duck dynasty) at the 1st house.  Look at the size of that hershey bar!  We'll be sure and his this house every year :)
And last but now least...Si and Jase.  The only thing missing was Si's sweet tea tupperware cup! My beard lasted all of 5 minutes....it was WAY too hot and itchy!!

Unfortunately,we had to put our 16 year old dog, Tex, down last weekend.  He was such a loyal and good dog.  Lots of tears shed, but we know he's in heaven feeling young and spunky again!  

                  Rest in peace, Tex.  We love and miss you!


Leggio said...

So sorry about your dog, Our dog is 13 years old and has really slowed down this year. :( Molly is a doll and the boys are to cute. Life is Crazy with 4 isn't it. :)

Jennifer Newberry said...

Sweet Tex! That's a great picture of him-doing what he did best! He's with Scotty now!

jennifer said...

What a cute little bee you have! They all look like they had a great time!

Sorry about your puppy. Ours is getting up there in age too :(