Our Journey to Molly


Monday, September 24, 2012

Sport Overload!

We have finally reached the days where we always wondered..."what will we do when we have all 3 boys in sports??"  And it's as CRAZY as we thought it'd be! Let's just say our Saturdays are filled from am to pm!! I don't know what we're going to do when Molly joins in! 
The 2 older boys are playing flag football and Gage is playing soccer.  He's so happy to finally have something of his own where the boys come and cheer him on rather than him always watching them.  This is the best thing we could've done for him now because I can tell he's really trying to find his place.. He's not the baby anymore, yet he's not old enough to do all the things the big bros can do!  I can can tell he's struggling with it some, and having his own thing has really made him feel better.  He was a little timid halfway through the first game, but once he made a goal, he was on fire!  He was going crazy and scoring one after another!  And then he'd run to me to get a hug :)  I love watching them play at this age..they're so dang cute!  After the game he said.."you know what's really funny?...I knocked them down like in football!"  And he did...clothes lining them as he runs for the ball.  You can definitely tell he has 2 older brothers! 
I love this one...should've been chasing the ball but had to give me a smile first :)

Ben and Reed are both loving flag football!  Thanks goodness Reed is on a team this year with a very nice and good coach!  So glad we don't have to deal with the same kind of coach he had last year when we had to pull him off.  So nice to be able to make a mistake without getting your butt chewed out every time! 
And Ben is on the same team as last year, and his BFF joined the team too, so they are having fun.

And just more random pics...
Gage and his biggest fan :)

Gage and daddy catching some fish..

Raising her up right....Geaux Tigers!!!!

Oh, the things we learn from big brothers..

G and Kitty Fritter :)  This is the best cat ever!   He just lays there like a sack of potatos and let's Gage carry him around ALL the time!   We got him after we found that big snake, and we haven't seen one since :)

M's 1st Cardinals game!  Thanks Aunt Shelley for the bling!! :)

Imitating one of the older girls...Miss Thang!

The Henry's, friends of ours who are adopting, got some good news last week!  Her blog is on the blogs I follow...bases loaded.  So excited for them!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

end of summer and the beginning of a new year

I can't believe we're in the 2nd week of school and I'm just now getting around to posting end of summer pics!  Other than the beach, we didn't do much this summer.  The kids hung out with friends, swam, and played a little too much DS!!    When the last week of summer rolled around, I felt the rush to go out and do a few fun things...so we went to legoland activity center, the aquarium and the science museum.  I think everybody else had the same idea, because they were all packed.  It was a fun way to wrap up our lazy summer.

Racing cars at legoland

 M singing kareoke to Justin Bieber..Baby, Baby, Baby..OOHHH!  And she was belting it out!

 I'm not even kidding, got on her knees and everything!  She loved every minute of the attention!  Maybe she's seen one too many American Idol shows..lol!!

 Boys stuck in bubble at the aquarium

Some thing that produced hurricane like winds.  Miss thang wasn't gonna be left behind!  Wasn't sure what she would think!..but she loved it!

 They chose Ben to be the scientist and produced a coke eruption!

First day of 2nd for Reed...

and 5th for Ben

My boys are growing too fast!!

The "must have" silly picture :)

Gage's last year for pre-school! Can NOT believe he'll be in kinder next year!

 Little Sis walking him in

I debated and had even registered Molly to go here 2 days/week but chickened out the day before school started.  I know she would love it and it would be good for her to be around other kids, but I think she's also enjoying the alone time with just me on those days.  And I'm enjoying it too:)

Nana, Pa, and Luke came in for the labor day weekend.  We had a good time, as always. 

 chillin with her #1..:)