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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ice Cream Parlor Party!

Molly's 2nd birthday, and 1st party home with us, was so much fun to plan and celebrate!  It was probably the messiest party we've had or will ever have, but the kids loved it and of course my little sweet tooth loved it, which made it all worth it.  I'm still finding sticky spots on the floor from the spilled ice cream and snow cones! 
I put the boys to work, and they took their jobs seriously! :)  I have to admit, the snow cone stand  sounded good at the beginning, but was not the best idea I've ever had:).....MESSSY!!!  
Reed worked the snow cones.

And Ben was the official ice cream scooper!

 Yes, it does say Molly's Z...but it was only after I stamped all of the "Molly's" that I realized I don't have # stamps!  Z was the closest thing I had to 2!

A highschooler made this cake...amazing and tasted great!  Yep!, I'll be using her from now on!

The girls had fun digging through the costume trunk

It was so cute when she realized that everybody was singing Happy Birthday to HER!  She got the biggest smile on her face:) Make a wish, big girl!

Gage lived at the snow cone stand!  At one point, he was begging Reed to fill a huge plastic cup full of snow cone!  Don't know how he wasn't sick!!

Glad I got to sugar the kids up and then send them home!  I'm sure the parents were thrilled with me...haha!


Leggio said...


That was too too cute. Loved the ice cream cookies. Did you make them????? Looked like Molly had a very special day. When does school start for yall??? Hope you have a great start to a new school year

Paige said...

What an awesome party. Nothing quite like the first one home. She is so precious!! Happy birthday Molly!!

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

that was a suhweet birthday party.