Our Journey to Molly


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer is here and we haven't slowed down a bit!   The boys had baseball and football camps the first 2 weeks of summer, this week we're in Baton Rouge visiting Nana and Pa, and next week we'll be at the beach!  I have a feeling the kids may be bored once we get back because I have nothing else planned the rest of the summer!  
We have some great neighbors who let us "pool sit" for the week, and we took full advantage!  Gage even learned to swim without a lifejacket that week:)

Molly cheering G on...

And then made her way up to me and Roux.  I love the way she's laying on her tummy, resting her head in her hands.  

Oh and of course I can't forget about these!!  

Uhmmm, can I just say seeing my 2 worst fears within a week have made me just a little jumpy lately!  I'm learning lots living in the country...#1. tarantulas jump and they jump high! And # 2. Probably wasn't the best idea to kill this king or rat snake since he's probably the reason we never ran across other snakes and/or mice!!  Ya live and learn I guess!
Hoping the many other snakes in the hood aren't congregating and celebrating that big daddy snake is gone and they're moving in!...UGGHHHH!!!