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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A special Mother's Day

Every year is special with my boys, but this one was extra special because I had my little girl with me, too!  Not only was she with us this year, but she was dedicated at our church Sunday.  Brings tears to my eyes to think that she would never have heard about God, and now she will grow up knowing how much He loves her.  We sing Jesus loves the little children and Jesus loves me every night, and she has even started singing along with me.  Melts my heart every time.
My mom, dad and nephew, Luke, were here this weekend to celebrate M day and MOlly's dedication.  The weekends that they're here always go by way too fast!
At church before the dedication 

This is what they had on the screen in front of the church.  It's a little blurry but it says..."For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope".  Can't think of a more fitting verse for our baby girl.

The life of Molly....can't even eat in peace:)

Eating the artichoke dip by the spoonfulls!!

So happy I got to spend the day with my mom.  I feel so blessed that God gave me the most selfless and giving mom in the world! Everybody loves Nana!

  Onto even more good news, we took Molly in for a 2nd opinion on her lip and tube surgery and she doesn't need it!!  AMEN!!  The craniofacial surgeon, who we really liked, said that he wouldn't do her lip now because he thought it looked great.  He said if he did anything, it would be when he repairs her nose at 4 years old, because doing any repairs now could cause scar tissue and make it difficult to work on later.  The ENT, who put in Ben's tubes, and we also trust and like a lot, said that she passed her hearing test with flying colors and has NO fluid in her ears!  Because she's picking up on language so quickly and articulating so well, there's no need for tubes at this point.  He said we'll check again in 6 months!  I am one happy mama!!  I've learned it never hurts to get a 2nd opinion:)                                     


Paige said...

my favorite verse ever!! What a special Mothers Day!!! so happy for the good news of no surgery!!

Anonymous said...

your mother looks absolutely fabulous!!! your dad looks great too, but Martha hasn't aged at all! I know this mother's day was extra special for you and your sweet Molly! Kristy Bonaventure Otts

Leggio said...

Praise God about Molly. How Awesome that she was dedicated Sunday. I can't wait to dedicate Mia. :)Looks like yall are doing well. I took my blog down for a bit. :( I needed too, it was my addiction. :)Do yall think you will adopt again???

Martha C. Ryan said...

What a great Mother's Day being with my five grands, and having Molly right in the middle of them all!

Kristy...you just made my day!!

DiJo said...

Emme was dedicated on Mother's Day too!!!! Such a special day!!! You look amazing! Praise God for Molly's awesome news!!!!

Have a wonderful summer Jennifer!!!


Anonymous said...

Great news about no surgery now! Love seeing the photos of your beautiful family and well Molly has adjusted and bonded with her family!