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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Countdown to Summer!!

17 days!!...not that I'm counting or anything! I may be ready  for them to go back to school shortly after they're out, but now I'm ready for summer and to not be on a schedule!  The end of the year is so crazy and I'm just ready for us to do what with no alarm clocks!   We're going to the beach in June and I. Can't. Wait.!!  
We met some friends at a beach/splash pad park Friday, and Molly was not so fond of the sand.  She freaked!!  I think she thought she was going to drown because she pretty much went into hysterics and would only stand on one leg.  Finally after a lot of coaxing to sit and play with me and Gage and after she saw how fun it was, she relaxed and started to have fun.  She still wanted me to brush her feet and hands off periodically. :)

she kept her feet crossed while she played :)

Love how excited Gage is!
My friend Shelley and her daughter came in to visit for the weekend.  Molly LOVED playing with her since her brothers don't do all the fun girly stuff like playing dress up and dolls like Julia did with her.  They left this morning and I can tell she really missed her today.  They had so much fun!
one of her many dress up outfits!

It's already getting into the 90's and has been really hot this week, but in the evenings it's been so nice and we've been enjoying our dinners outside.  We better take advantage before it gets to the 100 degree temps...I have a feeling it's going to be a HOT summer!


jennifer said...

This mom is counting down too! We only have 12 days! We are crazy busy too with the end of the year stuff! Loving Miss Molly's piggys!!

Leggio said...

Love the pig tails. Miss Mia's hair is standing straight up. LOL Trying to keep some bows in that hair. We are planning a beach trip too in June. Looking forward to it.

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

we are SOOOOO counting down the days too. So tired of all these finals...and I am not the one taking them.

Martha C. Ryan said...

Love Gage's face at the water park and Molly's feet crossed in the sand!! Can't wait to see y'all this weekend!