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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

catching up!

I have fallen way behind on my blogging...not sure what my problem is.   Maybe once school is out I'll have more time to sit down and blog...who am I kidding??  We'll be in full gear craziness then..lol!  
Oh well, I'll sum up the past couple of crazy weeks with pics!!

Molly obviously was loving every bit of the attention she got from Gage's school friends on the last day.  The kids were surrounding her and "petting" her hair  and Gage kept saying "that's my sista".  He's so proud of her... 
 Typical snapshot into the life of these 2....G yelling something crazy to make her laugh and M thinking..."what is he doing??"

 G and his awesome teacher, Ms Cindy.  We will miss her!!

Ben's field day.  We got there in time to watch him run the 400 meter dash and he won!  

Cheering Ben on at his soccer game

 We spent Memorial Day with our friends at their parents lakehouse.  So. much. fun!!

Not sure what the girls were mad about but G is loving life!

 Part of the crew getting ready to go tubing.

Ben and Reed tubing in the background. They loved it!

 Whitney and cutie pie Kirby, Gage's buddy:)

 On the way home we stopped at an alligator farm.  It was so cool!  They let us pet the gators..baby of course, and they had all kinds of other wild animals too.  The kids were in awe...and so was I!

Molly got in on the action too!

 Pulling a Britney...uhm no thanks..

 Prissy the ferret giving Reed kisses

 And Molly..

 one of the big daddy gators eyeballing us!
Notice the big ole gator in the water behind them!  Glad there was a gate there...yikes!

 Jon spent the dad as a watch dog at Reed's school.  He went into all the classrooms and played with the kids at lunch and recess.  Reed thought it was so cool to have him there.  
 Reed's baseball team.  One of the mom's took this and did a great job!  Love their mean faces:)

 Molly and her BFF, Anna, at the splash pad

Well, that pretty much sums it up!  1 1/2 more days of school and summer begins!...  Bring it on!!!

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