Our Journey to Molly


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

catching up!

I have fallen way behind on my blogging...not sure what my problem is.   Maybe once school is out I'll have more time to sit down and blog...who am I kidding??  We'll be in full gear craziness then..lol!  
Oh well, I'll sum up the past couple of crazy weeks with pics!!

Molly obviously was loving every bit of the attention she got from Gage's school friends on the last day.  The kids were surrounding her and "petting" her hair  and Gage kept saying "that's my sista".  He's so proud of her... 
 Typical snapshot into the life of these 2....G yelling something crazy to make her laugh and M thinking..."what is he doing??"

 G and his awesome teacher, Ms Cindy.  We will miss her!!

Ben's field day.  We got there in time to watch him run the 400 meter dash and he won!  

Cheering Ben on at his soccer game

 We spent Memorial Day with our friends at their parents lakehouse.  So. much. fun!!

Not sure what the girls were mad about but G is loving life!

 Part of the crew getting ready to go tubing.

Ben and Reed tubing in the background. They loved it!

 Whitney and cutie pie Kirby, Gage's buddy:)

 On the way home we stopped at an alligator farm.  It was so cool!  They let us pet the gators..baby of course, and they had all kinds of other wild animals too.  The kids were in awe...and so was I!

Molly got in on the action too!

 Pulling a Britney...uhm no thanks..

 Prissy the ferret giving Reed kisses

 And Molly..

 one of the big daddy gators eyeballing us!
Notice the big ole gator in the water behind them!  Glad there was a gate there...yikes!

 Jon spent the dad as a watch dog at Reed's school.  He went into all the classrooms and played with the kids at lunch and recess.  Reed thought it was so cool to have him there.  
 Reed's baseball team.  One of the mom's took this and did a great job!  Love their mean faces:)

 Molly and her BFF, Anna, at the splash pad

Well, that pretty much sums it up!  1 1/2 more days of school and summer begins!...  Bring it on!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A special Mother's Day

Every year is special with my boys, but this one was extra special because I had my little girl with me, too!  Not only was she with us this year, but she was dedicated at our church Sunday.  Brings tears to my eyes to think that she would never have heard about God, and now she will grow up knowing how much He loves her.  We sing Jesus loves the little children and Jesus loves me every night, and she has even started singing along with me.  Melts my heart every time.
My mom, dad and nephew, Luke, were here this weekend to celebrate M day and MOlly's dedication.  The weekends that they're here always go by way too fast!
At church before the dedication 

This is what they had on the screen in front of the church.  It's a little blurry but it says..."For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope".  Can't think of a more fitting verse for our baby girl.

The life of Molly....can't even eat in peace:)

Eating the artichoke dip by the spoonfulls!!

So happy I got to spend the day with my mom.  I feel so blessed that God gave me the most selfless and giving mom in the world! Everybody loves Nana!

  Onto even more good news, we took Molly in for a 2nd opinion on her lip and tube surgery and she doesn't need it!!  AMEN!!  The craniofacial surgeon, who we really liked, said that he wouldn't do her lip now because he thought it looked great.  He said if he did anything, it would be when he repairs her nose at 4 years old, because doing any repairs now could cause scar tissue and make it difficult to work on later.  The ENT, who put in Ben's tubes, and we also trust and like a lot, said that she passed her hearing test with flying colors and has NO fluid in her ears!  Because she's picking up on language so quickly and articulating so well, there's no need for tubes at this point.  He said we'll check again in 6 months!  I am one happy mama!!  I've learned it never hurts to get a 2nd opinion:)                                     

Friday, May 11, 2012

New family pics

I'm so happy with how they turned out, but I'm extremely glad we only do this once a year!  Molly was happy until about halfway through and then she was just done! I was sweating by the end trying to make sure nobody was making a silly face and keeping everybody entertained...whew!  What a workout!  I always said it was almost impossible to get all 3 kids smiling in pics before Molly, now it's just plain impossible!  OH well, we got some frame worthy ones.  The photographer was very sweet putting up with all of our craziness!
Reed -  7 years old
                                                                     Ben - 10 years old
Gage - 4 years old
                                                      Molly - 19 months old

It's hard for me to believe that this sad little 15 month old girl is  the same happy, vibrant, full of life, 19 month old little girl today.   Love does amazing things!

Wishing all moms a wonderful mother's day!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Countdown to Summer!!

17 days!!...not that I'm counting or anything! I may be ready  for them to go back to school shortly after they're out, but now I'm ready for summer and to not be on a schedule!  The end of the year is so crazy and I'm just ready for us to do what with no alarm clocks!   We're going to the beach in June and I. Can't. Wait.!!  
We met some friends at a beach/splash pad park Friday, and Molly was not so fond of the sand.  She freaked!!  I think she thought she was going to drown because she pretty much went into hysterics and would only stand on one leg.  Finally after a lot of coaxing to sit and play with me and Gage and after she saw how fun it was, she relaxed and started to have fun.  She still wanted me to brush her feet and hands off periodically. :)

she kept her feet crossed while she played :)

Love how excited Gage is!
My friend Shelley and her daughter came in to visit for the weekend.  Molly LOVED playing with her since her brothers don't do all the fun girly stuff like playing dress up and dolls like Julia did with her.  They left this morning and I can tell she really missed her today.  They had so much fun!
one of her many dress up outfits!

It's already getting into the 90's and has been really hot this week, but in the evenings it's been so nice and we've been enjoying our dinners outside.  We better take advantage before it gets to the 100 degree temps...I have a feeling it's going to be a HOT summer!