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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Program

Gage had his spring program at his preschool this week, and it was so cute!  G has this new nervous laugh that he does, and yep, that's what he did the whole time. Well...in between pointing to me and saying "mama":)  

Notice how nobody else thinks this is all quite as funny as G!  He laughed the WHOLE time!

Happy Boy

They were in a "boat" and each had a turn in the song to say something they see in the water.  Most said fish, boat, alligator, and what did G see??..you guessed it...MAMA!!LOL

pointing to mama:)

Ok so Miss sassy pants obviously didn't like him touching her face.  She is cracking me up these days!  Look at that face!:)

Ok, that's better.  Oh, and G is winking.  He's been working hard on it and finally got it down pat.

Our little country boys and their friends have been "frogging" after school.   You know you have a house full of boys when you find yourself saying "BOYS!...get your frogs out of my kitchen!"   


Paige said...

Oh the frogging is so my life, but my husband is in on it too:) Love the pics!!

Martha C. Ryan said...

This post makes me feel that the gardenias will soon be in full bloom, a sure sign that school is almost out, and that summer is not far behind! Cute pics!

Leggio said...

Melt your heart. He loves his mama. Can't wait to get on our acreage so my kiddos can go frogging. :) Trying to sell our house. That is always fun with three messy boys and little princess at home. LOL