Our Journey to Molly


Sunday, April 22, 2012

How come?

We've had LOTS of questions in the Coco house lately.  Gage is on a "How come?" kick and will ask that until I just have no answers left!  I've even tried to win in this game by going as long as I can and I just can't do it...he wins!  I'm still trying to figure out where he gets "how come"!  I don't think I say that but maybe I do! :)

Reed on the other hand has been really concerned with Molly's birth mom and where she is.  So very hard to try and explain to a 7 year old.  He came to me the other day and out of the blue asked if I would ever leave him.   Broke my heart.  It's obviously something he's been thinking about lately.  

I've not been the best at taking pics lately, and the ones I have taken are with my iphone..which are not great!  One of these days I'll be back on my A -game ...right??

playdate at the mall with Raley

Cheering on Ben at his soccer game and enjoying her ring pop!  She's rubbing her tummy saying.."mmmm"

She looks so much older to me in this pic
The fam helping me pick wildflowers to put in some antique milk bottles I got at a garage sale yesterday!

Molly's surgery has been pushed back because her craniofacial surgeon wants to repair her lip at the same time as she gets her tubes.  We're also battling insurance, so I'm thinking she may have them done in May or June.  I'm still shocked she needs tubes because  her language has taken off!  She's saying new words everyday and repeats a lot of what I tell her.  She hasn't had an ear infection since she's been here(not sure if she did before), which is usually a big indicator of fluid not draining.  I don't know, maybe it's a good thing it was pushed back so I can get a second opinion.   Would love to push back the lip revision to when we do her nose revision.  We shall see I guess.


Martha C. Ryan said...

Finally! An update from the Coco household! About time...been missing it! Love seeing and hearing all the things my grands are doing and saying til I can see them again in person!

Jodi said...

ohh Little Miss Molly is getting sooooo big!!!!

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

We were only supposed to get a tube in one ear because it had a lot of 'old' fluid in there, but the doc said, the day of surgery to go ahead and do them both in case she would need it later. I think they just 'do the tubes' for cleft palate because they have that tendency for infections, but my daughter has not had any infections since being home with us either.

jennifer said...

LOVE the piggies!!!! They are so cute on her! I have never heard of getting tubes without ear infections... Not that I'm a Dr. or anything :)

Elizabeth Tuttle said...

My oldest, who was born with cleft palate, had tubes several times. Not many ear infections either but constant fluid in the ears.

Jennifer said...

Hey Elizabeth! hmmm....maybe he does know what he's talking about then?:) It just seem so strange to me since her language is developing so well. Maybe she's just learned how to compensate??

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the info...that's good to know. Maybe she does really need them then?