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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1st Easter Egg Hunt

Molly experienced her first Easter Egg hunt with all of our neighbors on Sunday.  It was so cute to watch her try and figure out what the baskets were for and why everybody was putting these colored eggs in them, but let me tell you, it didn't take her long to catch on!  

Parade to the hunt

 Yes, I realize his pants are on backwards, but that's the way we roll these days.  The sad thing is that I didn't realize they were backwards until we were leaving the hunt!...sorry Gage!
After picking up a couple, she realized there was candy inside!  Oh yeah, she was loving this crazy egg game!  Let's find more!

Showing big brother her finds!!  

Finally  found the big boys!  Still trying to figure out how to split myself 4 ways to get pics of everybody!:)


Paige said...

Looks so fun, wondering how Janie will do:). Oh my goodness I am in love with Molly in that precious dress! Too cute!

Jodi said...

love it! and ya' now what - I don't think Gage was concerned about his pants. :) Elijah wears his pants backwards ohhh - 90%of the time. :) he! he! such a beautiful family!!!

DiJo said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter!!!


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

Sweet! Happy Easter