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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Break!!!

Woohoo!!!  So excited to have a week off with the kids,...well at least until they start fighting! :)  It's cold and rainy this weekend, but suppose to be sunny, in the 80's and beautiful all week, so we plan on spending a lot of time outdoors!   Molly, Gage and I are just getting over strep throat, so hoping everybody can stay sick- free this week!

Gage's 4th birthday is Thursday, and he has been counting down and talking about his party for months now...seriously!  He wakes up every morning and says "Is it my bufday yet?"   Even though I sent out evites for his party, I bought him invitations to fill out because he's so excited.  It's all he talks about!!  I helped him fill them out and put names on the envelopes, and we put them in a big ziploc bag.  He has been carrying and even sleeping with this invite bag for 5 days now!  He cracks me up!  We've always done family parties for him until this year, so this is his first "friend" party.   :)

Molly is all about her babies and pushing them in her stroller these days.  She'll push them and then check on them to make sure they're ok, and then start pushing them again.  She'll take them out and hug them as she gently pats their back...ahhh, so sweet.  I love seeing her do this, because just a couple of months ago, she didn't even know what to do with a baby, much less love on her!  If I tried to put a stuffed animal or baby in her arms, she would throw it down....wanted nothing to do with them.  Makes me so happy to see her enjoying the things that a little girl her age should.  


jennifer said...

LOVE these! Look at her hair getting longer!!! SO CUTE! Loving her new sandals. I'm thinking that between to two of you and BOTH your shoe fettishes...Jon's in trouble!!!

Happy Bufday to your sweet boy!! He is going to be so excited at his party...how fun!!!

Enjoy your week!!

jennifer said...

BTW...I have a box of shoes set aside to send you!!! hahahahahaha!!!! Because I know Miss Molly needs them so much!!! lol.....

DiJo said...

So CUTE and SWEET!!! I love her little legs.. I just want to squeeze them!!!! I need to get some shoes for Emme.. Or she will be barefoot like her Mama this summer!!!!

Happy Spring Break!!!!


Paige said...

I'm sitting here at 5 am reading blogs in Beijing:) Molly's feet are WAY TOO CUTE IN SANDALS!!!!