Our Journey to Molly


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shoe Queen!

We've had a really hard time finding our shoes lately, and here is why!...

Molly LOVES SHOES!! She starts laughing and squealing with excitement when I put her shoes on!  It's SOOO cute! She loves putting them on herself, and not just hers, ANY that are laying around, esp her brothers!  She'll even take off her shoes to put theirs on! 

Jon blames this crazy love of shoes on me, but I think she had a thing for them way before I got to her.  Look what she's holding in her crib!

I don't think she's going to have any problems in the accessorizing area!


Johanna said...

Omgoodness....I had so much fun scrolling through your blog! Your family is beautiful!!! Your little Molly is too adorable for words.....totally loving her bows!!! Lol
What a blessing, God is so good!!!!

Debbie Sauer said...

I think it's a little girl thing! She is so darn cute. Love all your photos. Blessings

DiJo said...

I love her!! She would fit in perfectly with this crazy crew over here.. However, she might not like the weather.. Other than the cute Ughs we have!!

Have a great week!


Leggio said...

I love all the fun shoes you have for her. She is to cute.