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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The crazy zoo!

First day of Spring Break was spent at the zoo, and it was a total ZOO!!  I think everybody in Texas had the same idea!  It was a beautiful day, but there were way too many people there to really enjoy it.  I don't even think we made it halfway through after being there for 2 hours!  The line for the train was at least an hour long, so after trying to push our bus of a double stroller through the crowd for a few hours, we had had enough.  Jon bribed the kids with souvenirs instead of waiting in line for the train, and they went for it. We got our souvenirs and headed back to the big D. Guess we need to think of activities outside of Texas for Texas spring break next time.  As crazy crowded as it was, it didn't bother the kids.  They had a great time and Molly was "oohing" and "awwing" over all of the animals...even the snakes! :)

After we got home, we went fishing and I snapped this picture.   I tell you , these boys adore their sister,.. and I think the feeling is mutual.:)

I walked into my bathroom looking for Molly, and found my girly girl doing this.  Oh boy, starting young...I'm in trouble!! 


Jolene said...

I drove our brood of 4 up to our local botanical garden on Sunday and the place was so full the overflow parking was FULL so they were using the secondary overflow parking!

We skipped it and found a new park to play at and got ice cream! They were happy and so was MOM!

Leggio said...

I can't believe her hair is long enough for pig tails. So Cute. We haven't gotten out much this week, trying to lay low and pack. :) Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. We are soooo excited. 2 days and we will be on that plane to China. I can't believe it.

Debbie Sauer said...

Love the video. She is just way too cute! You are so lucky. Blessings