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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday SWEET Reed!!


I think I may have used the same title last year for your birthday blog, but when I think of  you, SWEET is the word that always comes to mind!  You're the most kind hearted person I know, and that's what I absolutely adore about you.    Your big smile and dimples can light up any room and always make me smile.  Since Molly has gotten here, you've taken on the "protector of your siblings" role to another degree, and would do anything to keep them happy and protect them from harm.  Your brothers and sister love you so much!

You're always thinking of others and putting them first. You will always stand up for anybody who you think is being "wronged",..at home, school or wherever you are..... and won't back down until you think everything is fair.  You're the first one to notice if somebody's feelings are hurt, and will try and smooth everything over for that person.  You've come home from school more than once this year telling me how you stood up for somebody getting made fun of.  I can't tell you how proud I am of you that you're compassionate and confident enough to do that .  I know it's not easy, but you do it like it just comes naturally.  Yesterday, you told me you wanted to buy a valentine gram for a girl in your class who's sad, because she said  her parents sometimes tell her that they wish she'd move away.  You were so upset for her and all you wanted to do was make her feel better.   God has given you this gift of  sensitivity and awareness of others feelings, and I'm so proud of you for using it, and I know you always will.

Reed, you are such a special boy and we're so blessed that you're a part of our family.  You add so much love,  laughter and joy to our family.  We all love you SOOOOOO much!!  Happy 7th Birthday, Sweet Reed!! 


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Martha C. Ryan said...

Happy, happy birthday, Reedy! We can't wait to see you and that sweet smile next week! We love you...
Nana and Pa~