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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Early Valentines

 The weather has been exceptionally warm this month(except for today..brrrrr!)... so we've been spending a lot of time outdoors!  So nice to see the kids running around outside rather than with their noses buried in their itouches or wii!

Loving all the frills, pink/red, and hearts out in Feb! We've definitely gotten our moneys worth out of our Valentine outfits this month! 

Gage is constantly in Molly's face trying to get her to laugh.  Sometimes she thinks it's funny, and sometimes not so much!

Love how he's leaning his head on her shoulder in this one.

Such a big girl eating yogurt all by herself!  And the dogs know just where to sit! 

 Reed's class Valentine's party was Friday so Gage, Molly and I went to visit.  Molly is always quickly entertained when we go anywhere...she loves it!  About to get a big smackeroo from G!

playing candy bingo with Reed...

well, actually eating the candy from the bingo is more like it..:)

Her face cracks me up...."Why do people always wanna mess with my bow???"

watching Reed play bball this morning..

Center of attention...just where she likes it!

And he scores!!

Notice the score...and we weren't the winning team!  I've never seen such a good 1st grade team!  Apparently they score  30-40 points every game, so we knew what we were going to be up against.  They won but Jon/Reed's team is still going on to the playoffs next week!..woohoo!

 She had just walked in and said "hi dada!"  He's totally wrapped!


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

such sweet photos of such cutie kiddos.

Leggio said...

She is beautiful. We just got to meet Jennifer from Baseball to Bows on our way home from Disney, she asked if I had seen your blog. :) We are awaiting our TA, and we can't wait to go get our little Sweet Pea. :) Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day. We live in the Houston area.

jennifer said...

These are precious!! Please tell me you only had 3 Valentines outfits!!! You are cracking me up. Of course she looks adorable!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

so cute!

Sarah said...

I just love her boots! Do you mind if I ask where you got them?

Jennifer said...

Hey Sarah, I have no idea how to respond to just your post,(I really should try and figure it out), but those boots are from Target last year. The other ones she wears are from Old Navy. I got those early too, so not sure if they're still around either, but you may want to check there just to make sure.