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Monday, February 6, 2012

18 months today!

How time flies!  I feel like we just got home with our little 17 month old, and now she's another month older!  She still amazes me with how easily she's transitioned into her new family and how loving, sweet and smart she is!  She has added so much joy and love to this family!  We all just love this girl to pieces!!  I thank God for her every day! 
She got to watch and dance to her first superbowl half time show yesterday, and let me tell you, sister's got the moves.  As soon as she hears music, she starts to dance, and she can imitate anybody!  She cracks me up!
She heard Madonna and couldn't help but break it down.  Good thing it's the cleaned up and more mature Madonna..lol!
Oh and excuse the wrestling boys in the video!  I think it's pretty funny that she totally tunes them out to dance.  Guess she's use to the Coco boy craziness already! :)

I was able to snap some shots of the kids before church. Seems like this is the only time I wrangle them in for some good group shots because they're actually all dressed up!  We were suppose to have them professionally taken yesterday, but it was cold and Reed woke up with a sore throat, so we may push it back til it warms up a little.

Happy 18 month baby girl!  We love you!!!!

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Jodi said...

ohhhh my goodness!!! Too cute!!!! love that she ignores the boys too!!!