Our Journey to Molly


Saturday, January 7, 2012

So we've been home a week....

.....and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, it's been a little rough.  Poor baby has been sick, sleep deprived, and possibly still grieving the only normal she every knew.  She cried for the past 3 days pretty much ALL day!  I took her back to the Dr yesterday because her snotty nose had gotten worse and she was tugging at her ears.  I had a feeling it wasn't her ears, since we discovered this was what she did to self-soothe, but I wanted to make sure it hadn't turned into a sinus infection.  She just seemed miserable!  Her ears were clear but said it could possibly be a sinus infection, so he started he on antibiotics, and she seems like a totally different kid today!  She's back to her usual happy self....YaY!!!  

What does still make me sad is that I know she doesn't trust us yet.  I see it in her eyes.  And how can I blame her?  She's only been with us for 3 weeks!  We've been preparing for and loving her for a year now.  For her, one day out of the blue, she was taken out of her crib and wisked away in a car, and handed over to 2 crazy looking strangers who were constantly in her face!  I know she wants to trust us but probably isn't sure if she can yet.  I see times where she lets her guard down and truly enjoys us and trusts us.  It's those brief moments when she looks at me with contentment in her eyes,  and lays her head on my chest, that I feel like my heart could explode.  It's those times that she leans in to kiss Jon that he turns to complete puddy in her hands.  I know that when she does let her guard down and fully opens her heart to us, she will trust and love us with 150% of who she is.  I just know that about her. We have a long road ahead of us to build her trust, but we are READY!  She's gonna make us work for it, but she's SO worth it!  We love this little girl!

Ben competing in his school spelling bee

eating with Ben and friend, Jake at lunch afterward

A lot of the students were coming to see her and telling us how cute she was.  Ben loved showing his little sister off:)

1st trip to Academy.  I think she's gonna be a great shopper....woohoo!!

watching kung fu panda 2.  She only sat there for the minute that I snapped the pic...then she was off exloring!


Jodi said...

Oh sweet baby being so sick! But... this is good - it gives you a chance to prove to her that you will take care of her! I know it's hard - but keep lovin' her! God is healing her.

jennifer said...

Poor baby girl! I'm so sorry she's been sick. It's such a process she's going through. Very soon she will know that she can trust you 100%. It is so hard to watch them go through that...but so worth it!! Glad she's feeling better and LOVE the denim dress!!

DiJo said...

Every sleepless night, and tough moment is worth it... Everyday when I see our three China beauties together I see just what love, patience, and perseverance can do.. Is it hard some days? Yes!! Is it worth it... The answer is obvious.. Molly is a survivor!!! And, slowly she is going to love you more than her little heart ever knew was possible!... God's amazing!

Blessings, Diana