Our Journey to Molly


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good to be Home!!!

So we had a few airline delays and shuffles, and it turned into a 24 hour travel day, BUT, we made it home!!  I seriously thought I may kiss the ground when we landed at DFW, but I was too excited to make it my way to our family and friends waiting for us.  That may have been the best feeling in the world walking through those doors seeing our loved ones waiting for us!  My boys never felt so good in my arms as they did then.  I hope we never have to leave them for that long again!  

Molly has adjusted so well, as a matter of fact, way better than I had even dreamed.  After she checked out the situation, she was more than willing to go to anybody who wanted to hold her, and was all smiles.  She was also great on the plane.  She fussed a few times, but not bad for 19 hours in the air!  I think I wanted to cry more than she did!  The boys were so happy to get her home and start playing with her.  We're all so in love!  The girl will never have to entertain herself again!:)

The only upset we've had, and I kind've expected it, is Gage is a little jealous.  After we had been home with her for about 30 minutes, we noticed Gage was gone.  Jon found him in the bathroom crying his eyes out.  He's used to getting ALL of the attention from ALL of us and he lost it.  Broke. My. Heart!!  That's all it took for me to lose it and my tears started up!   I know he will adjust, as a matter of fact, he was even playing with her some today and telling his brothers that he's a big bwudu now:)  It's just going to take time.  I still plan on spending quality time with just him, but he will also learn to love his sister and who knows, they may even become BFF's!

Molly is a sleeper!!  She slept from 1am to 11:30 am last night, took an hour and a half nap today and went back down around 10:30 tonight....hopefully for the night!  Have I mentioned how much I love her! :)

brothers waiting patiently.......  Reed fell asleep waiting


so happy to be home!
my heart is full

Nana whispering sweetness in her ear

getting love from Pa, Nana, and Luke

checking her cousin and brothers out

holding Nana's hand

now a family of 6

Our welcoming group!
sweet friends had signs at the entrance of our neighborhood and throughout the house.  So fun to come home too. They also had dinner ready and breakfast for the next morning. I have some pretty awesome friends!

she loves her Pa

mei mei(little sister) exploring her new toys

loves her bwudus!

clapping for herself after she puts a ring on, and makes sure everybody else is clapping for her

her 24/7 audience

(ge ge)big brother and little sissy
I'm still on China time because I'm still up and it's 12:30!  I need to go to bed....nighty night


Jodi said...

Tears! Tears! Tears!!! Sooo glad to see y'all home!!!! Can't wait to meet your little girl! Let us know when you are ready! :) Praying you adjust back to Texas time quickly!

DiJo said...

WELCOME HOME! It sounds like Molly did amazing! Answered prayer! LOVE the pics.. Especially Molly holding court on the counter.. So cute! My heart breaks for sweet Gage. I wish Ruby could talk to him... She has lost her status twice, and it was so hard... They wait so long, and then reality kicks in.... But, as you know it will get better.... Sweet boy! So glad you are safely home!!! Enjoy re-entry! Blessings, ~Diana

Shelley dewitt said...

Omg....what precious pics that u will treasure forever!! So glad to hear everything is going so well...breaks my heart about sweet Gage...but I know it will get better soon! The boys faces are priceless in all the pics as they play with their sweet new sister! Miss you guys so much and I will give you a shout later today!! Love, love, love all the pics! Thanks for sharing all these special moments with us! Love ya!!

jennifer said...

Awww...These are so sweet! I know you are so happy to be home!! Gage is breaking my heart! It is such an adjustment for these little ones, but he'll get better and will be so happy to have a constant playmate. Praying you get some good sleep. Since Molly is sleeping, the transition should be a little easier!! Praying for that!!

Martha said...

Sweet Photos...Such love...Welcome Home, y'all!

Angie said...

Love, love, love!!!!! So glad you made it home safe and sound. The boys look overjoyed and now a new chapter begins. Now the fun begins!!!

Melissa said...

Welcome Home Molly!!! So glad you are all together as a family of 6, now and FOREVER!!! Can't wait to meet Molly and start having playdates with her and Anna! She is just precious and I've SO enjoyed following your journey to and back from China to get her! God has truly blessed you all with each other!!

Debbie said...

I have loved following your journey Jennifer ....this last post is WONDERFUL! Fav photo? Molly sitting on the counter top with all her subjects!!! My heart goes out to wee Gage too, time will help and he will probably secretly like that HE is now someones big bro :-)