Our Journey to Molly


Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Times with family

I can't believe our extended weekend is over!  We all have had a great visit with Aunt Julie and cousin Luke.  Molly is in LOVE with her cousin and he is with her, too!   We are getting out and doing more things with Molly, and she's doing so well!  She really seems to enjoy being out with us and just taking everything in.  I know I keep saying this, but she is such a HAPPY girl!
watching Ben's bball game

Nothing make me happier than watching Molly and her brothers play together....so sweet!

She loves riding in the golf cart!

She LOVES swinging!

everybody had fun with molly's bows! :)

Gage said, "mom, it's dark in here!!"  I turn around and see this.  HE cracks me UP!!

LOVE this pic!!

Roux and his BFF


These 2 are going to miss each other!

Molly and Aunt Julie

eating at twisted root

she loves coloring

Yep!  That's a fried onionring she put on as her bracelet...by herself!!  :)

She had so much fun at the park we went to that had these little play houses

She lit up when Reed walked in

I posted lots of pics but I couldn't decide which to cut.   She has come out of her shell and opened up to us so much just in the past few days.  She really has bonded with me and I truly feel she knows I'm her mama. She's also really bonded with Jon and her brothers.  She lights up when they come in the room and nobody can make her laugh the way they do!  And she and Gage have really started to play so well together.  He's so sweet to her and willingly shares all of his toys with her. She's so laid back and easy going and will go easily to somebody if they want to hold her, but will reach back for me shortly after.  Watching Jon and the boys with her gives me a happiness like I've never known.   I  stand amazed at how God has blessed our family and allowed her to transition so amazingly well! She is blossoming right before our eyes everyday!  I can't imagine life without our sweet Molly!  


Martha C. Ryan said...

Love all these pics! Looks like y'all had a great weekend! Love the ones of Gage and Molly kissing and Reed and Molly looking out the window. Gage reminds me of my Daddy in the pic with the sunglasses (remember the Cincinnati story?). I see a new FB profile pic coming for Julie...love the one of her with Molly! Best of all, I'm SO thankful that Molly is a happy little girl and making this transition SO well!!

jennifer said...

This post just makes me smile! WHat a precious gift Miss Molly is!! Love the pic of she and Gage kissing...so cute!! Does she favor writing with her left hand?? Gracie and Wesleigh are both left handed!!

Dreams of Grace said...

Simply adorable, Jennifer!!! You find the cutest outfits!!! I'm gonna have to come to Texas just to get you to help me shop for Gracie!! lol!! Glad we aren't the only ones experiencing some of the same "drama queen" things and feelings. Helps to have friends who understand and are there, too. Praying for you guys as well...love you much!

Jean Walker said...

Isn't God amazing to bond us with our precious, chosen kiddos---and them to us---in ways that only He can do?! It's so fun to watch them blossom and settle in right before our eyes! Rejoicing with you!!