Our Journey to Molly


Saturday, January 14, 2012


Molly is getting into the groove of the Coco routine, and is adjusting so well with all of the new firsts and outings we've been doing!  It's crazy for me to think that all of these things that are routine to us, are completely new for her....and she's loving it!  First time for boy's basketball games, Ben's play at school, Ben's spelling bee, visiting boys for lunch, haircut for boys, and Target/walmart(I prepped her for this one!.:))

She's cute even when she's doing THIS....

Don't worry.,, it only lasted a second while I set her down to make her bottle, and then it was... 

ALL SMILES!  Maybe a little dramatic?? :)

playing peek a boo with me

Loving on G first after his school play

then M's turn!

Ben's friends loving on her

having fun with brothers while they get their haircut

having fun with Julia....best friends from College Station came to visit!  It was so quick, I forgot to get  a pic of Molly and Aunt Shelley...dangit!

Molly, Emily Kate, and Julia  ~ It was so fun watching the girls show her how to play with girly toys.  

Dewitt and Coco Boys...we miss them!

Mrs. Mandi brought her some dress up jewelry...she LOVES it...my little diva!

Gage and Molly are finally starting to play and have fun together!  I walked in on G helping Molly take her socks off....hilarious!

And I captured girlfriend bustin a move in Target

Aunt Julie and Luke came in today to visit!  Looking forward to their visit and our 3 day weekend:)