Our Journey to Molly


Sunday, January 29, 2012

1st post home study!

I wasn't quite as nervous this time as I was the first time our social worker made a home visit!  I was a nervous wreck the first time, thinking our kids would act crazy and we wouldn't get approved.  This time we had our little girl in our arms and she was loving the attention:)  She greeted Beverly at the door waving and telling her "heeyyyy".  Beverly couldn't believe how well she was doing and how quickly she had adjusted!  She said she was shocked that she had been in an orphanage because she behaved as though she had been with us for a very long time.  She was showing off by showing Beverly all the new things she's leaarned,...pointing to her eyes, nose, bellybutton, doing her shape sorter(she has the circles down pat), showing her Roux(our dog) and petting him so sweetly.  She showed her how she plays peek a boo, her sign language and just showed her the happy little girl that she is.  We know we're beyond blessed with a beautiful, sweet, special and smart little girl!  Before we got her, Jon was hoping for the best but preparing for the worst(because that's how he rolls) and I (being the half glass full kind of person that I am) was preparing for somebody just like Molly.  

I took her for her first well visit on Thursday. Because she didn't receive shots in the orphanage, she has to start ALL over! :(   She got 4 on this visit, but she was such a trooper!  She cried right when she got them, but then as soon as I picked her up, she started waving bye-bye.  I don't blame her a bit!  The nurse said she should be cranky and sleep the rest of the day, but she proved them wrong.  We met Jon for lunch and she was her usual happy self all day.  
 Waiting for the nurse to come in with her shots

                                                                       Trouble! :)

Gage has been wanting to take Molly to the mall for a while now, so we met Krissy and Raley there on Friday.  Gage and I have our usual routine that we do there....play area, train table, carousel,...and so he was excited to show her how it's done!  I was curious to see how she would do interacting with all the kids in the play area, but once again she totally impressed me with her ability to adjust and adapt to any situation.  She walked in like she owned the place!   She's so good about waiting her turn, sharing, laughing at other kids when they try and make her laugh, and she wasn't scared to try any of it!  She watched Gage(like yeah, that's my big brother)...and copied everything he did.  He was so patient and sweet with her.   My heart was beaming..I couldn't be any more proud of both of them!

1st time for donuts!  Gage trying to make her laugh:)  She's not a big fan of donuts yet...I'M sure that'll change!

 1st time in double stroller.  I forgot how hard these buses are to push!


 She loved this slide!

 G showing her how it's done!

 I loved watching G show her how to play.

 She watched G jump on this thing and thought it was so funny!  She copied everything he did

 lunch time!  She's getting a little pickier with her food

 She didn't want to get off the carousel!

We went to the boys bball games yesterday and then went to our favorite mexican restaurant after.  Girlfriend LOVES chips!  Oh yeah,....She's a true Coco! :)

1st time for smores with friends!!

Reed woke up throwing up this morning, so we'll be taking it easy today.  I'm hoping it stops with him because Reed is having his 7th birthday party on Friday! 

Jon and Molly are heading out for a daddy/daughter date to home depot:)


Leggio said...

Wow, I can't believe how well she is doing. Our Mia will be 23 months by the time we get her. We are waiting for Article 5, it was delayed because of Chinese New year. We can't wait!!!!!! Conngrats!!!! She is beautiful. :)We are from the lone star state too. Houston area!!!!

Debbie said...

Isnt Gage just the sweetest big brother?? Im so glad things are going well for you all. Loving seeing your family having fun!

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

Sweet little babies...love those smiles..and what a cutie lil dress.

jennifer said...

This is precious! She is just adorable and I am SO happy she is doing so well!!