Our Journey to Molly


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a year ago today...

Jon and I were on a plane for China to bring Molly home!!  My emotions were all over the place...from being sad to leave our boys for 2 1/2 weeks and spending Christmas apart, to the most excitement and nervousness I'd ever felt, being able to FINALLY bring our daughter home!  I've been doing lots of reminiscing this week... looking back at pics from China and over this past year.  I'm still amazed that this is our life....I'm so in awe and thankful that God chose US to be this amazing girl's parents!  

I've had a blast Christmas shopping for barbies and babies this year :)  Trying to keep the number of toys even, but I may be a little out of control with the pink this year!  Oh, and the Christmas outfits...don't even get me started!  LOL 

We had Gage's Christmas party at preschool today and they were so sweet to let Molly participate and eat the food.  Thank goodness they did because she was giving me the "poor me look" when she thought she wasn't getting any...lol   
And this pic just makes me laugh. As much as Gage loves Molly, he still has a little issue with jealousy and the attention she gets.  Sometimes he just wants it to be about him...so when he thought it was going to be a pic of him and his BFF, he was thrilled...and then out of nowhere pops Molly! All smiles front and center!....hence "the look" I'm getting from G-man!..hehe!

 Passing out his gifts to the other kids...

 decorating cookies!

Molly loved decorating the cookies...but loved eating the sprinkles by the spoonful even more :)

We went to visit Santa last weekend.  I wasn't sure what Molly would think of him, but once she saw how excited her brothers were and ran up to him, she wasn't far behind! A little blurry...

I'm so behind I haven't even posted about Thanksgiving!  We had a great week!  Jon's parents (Gigi and PawPaw) came in for a couple of days to visit.  

Ben's in a running club and so we ran in the McKinney Believe 5k with them.  Ben did great and has gotten the bug to do another one!  Woohoo...I finally have a running partner :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I realize this is a little late, but that is the story of my life nowadays!  This was Molly's first halloween and she quick to the whole trick or treating concept.  Took her watching the boys at one house before she knew how to knock, say trick or treat, and hold her bag out for candy!  

Introducing Mario, Finn and Jake(cartoon network) and Queen Bee!!  

Gage had a Fall Festival parade at his school.  That's his buddy Brooks in front of him...these two laugh non-stop and are hilarious together! 
Moustache on...
  ...and it's OFF!!.

I love this one.  Makes a mama's heart happy..

Bee and Jase(duck dynasty) at the 1st house.  Look at the size of that hershey bar!  We'll be sure and his this house every year :)
And last but now least...Si and Jase.  The only thing missing was Si's sweet tea tupperware cup! My beard lasted all of 5 minutes....it was WAY too hot and itchy!!

Unfortunately,we had to put our 16 year old dog, Tex, down last weekend.  He was such a loyal and good dog.  Lots of tears shed, but we know he's in heaven feeling young and spunky again!  

                  Rest in peace, Tex.  We love and miss you!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lots of 1sts...

Molly has had quite a few firsts the past week, some good and some not so good!  The not so good is she has been sick for the past week with fever and a horrible cough!  She's coughing so bad that it's even making her throw up.  I hate seeing her feel so bad...she's not her usual happy, go with the flow self...but rather cries at the drop of a hat..poor baby.  She went in for her well visit and got 3 shots Monday, and since then has had the fever.  Makes me a little nervous since we're playing catch up with her shots and she's getting so many at a time.  Hoping she feels better soon :(
Since we've had lots of pj days this week, the kids were able to see Cinderella for the 1st time!  She LOVED it!...and so did Gage..as you can see in the pic ..

Molly also got to meet Aunt Meghan, Jon's little sister, for the 1st time!  The boys had not seen her in a long time, but Molly had never met her.  She cheered them on at all of their games and they were so excited having her here.  The kids loved her and ask everyday when she's coming back.  We miss you Aunt Meghan!

I'm not sure why this pic is so blurry, but this is Ben's Montana project.  He worked hard on it all week and I think it turned out great.  Hoping we...I mean he gets an A! :)

And just some random pics of a day in the life.....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sport Overload!

We have finally reached the days where we always wondered..."what will we do when we have all 3 boys in sports??"  And it's as CRAZY as we thought it'd be! Let's just say our Saturdays are filled from am to pm!! I don't know what we're going to do when Molly joins in! 
The 2 older boys are playing flag football and Gage is playing soccer.  He's so happy to finally have something of his own where the boys come and cheer him on rather than him always watching them.  This is the best thing we could've done for him now because I can tell he's really trying to find his place.. He's not the baby anymore, yet he's not old enough to do all the things the big bros can do!  I can can tell he's struggling with it some, and having his own thing has really made him feel better.  He was a little timid halfway through the first game, but once he made a goal, he was on fire!  He was going crazy and scoring one after another!  And then he'd run to me to get a hug :)  I love watching them play at this age..they're so dang cute!  After the game he said.."you know what's really funny?...I knocked them down like in football!"  And he did...clothes lining them as he runs for the ball.  You can definitely tell he has 2 older brothers! 
I love this one...should've been chasing the ball but had to give me a smile first :)

Ben and Reed are both loving flag football!  Thanks goodness Reed is on a team this year with a very nice and good coach!  So glad we don't have to deal with the same kind of coach he had last year when we had to pull him off.  So nice to be able to make a mistake without getting your butt chewed out every time! 
And Ben is on the same team as last year, and his BFF joined the team too, so they are having fun.

And just more random pics...
Gage and his biggest fan :)

Gage and daddy catching some fish..

Raising her up right....Geaux Tigers!!!!

Oh, the things we learn from big brothers..

G and Kitty Fritter :)  This is the best cat ever!   He just lays there like a sack of potatos and let's Gage carry him around ALL the time!   We got him after we found that big snake, and we haven't seen one since :)

M's 1st Cardinals game!  Thanks Aunt Shelley for the bling!! :)

Imitating one of the older girls...Miss Thang!

The Henry's, friends of ours who are adopting, got some good news last week!  Her blog is on the blogs I follow...bases loaded.  So excited for them!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

end of summer and the beginning of a new year

I can't believe we're in the 2nd week of school and I'm just now getting around to posting end of summer pics!  Other than the beach, we didn't do much this summer.  The kids hung out with friends, swam, and played a little too much DS!!    When the last week of summer rolled around, I felt the rush to go out and do a few fun things...so we went to legoland activity center, the aquarium and the science museum.  I think everybody else had the same idea, because they were all packed.  It was a fun way to wrap up our lazy summer.

Racing cars at legoland

 M singing kareoke to Justin Bieber..Baby, Baby, Baby..OOHHH!  And she was belting it out!

 I'm not even kidding, got on her knees and everything!  She loved every minute of the attention!  Maybe she's seen one too many American Idol shows..lol!!

 Boys stuck in bubble at the aquarium

Some thing that produced hurricane like winds.  Miss thang wasn't gonna be left behind!  Wasn't sure what she would think!..but she loved it!

 They chose Ben to be the scientist and produced a coke eruption!

First day of 2nd for Reed...

and 5th for Ben

My boys are growing too fast!!

The "must have" silly picture :)

Gage's last year for pre-school! Can NOT believe he'll be in kinder next year!

 Little Sis walking him in

I debated and had even registered Molly to go here 2 days/week but chickened out the day before school started.  I know she would love it and it would be good for her to be around other kids, but I think she's also enjoying the alone time with just me on those days.  And I'm enjoying it too:)

Nana, Pa, and Luke came in for the labor day weekend.  We had a good time, as always. 

 chillin with her #1..:)