Our Journey to Molly


Monday, December 19, 2011

We have Molly!!!

She is beautiful, perfect and we are SO in love!!!  She did great and went to both of us happily, until we got back to the hotel and reality sank in.  I'm praying that she'll have peace when she wakes up tomorrow.  She cried off and on all night until she finally fell asleep in my arms.  She tried fighting the tears, but she is hurting so much right now, she would just belt it out.  We both held her and kissed on her and told her we we loved her and would always be there for her.  It broke this mama's heart!
It's 5:30 am and she is still sleeping.  She woke up at midnight and made the slightest whimpering sound.  She sounded too scared to make a peep but such a sad, frightened sound.  I got her up and held her while I gave her a bottle.  She just stared at me while she drank.  Since it was still the middle of the night, I laid her back down in her crib and she didn't make a peep.  She's just trying to figure this whole thing out,poor thing.  I know we'll look back on this time and realize once we know her real personality, just how scared she was.  It really makes me so sad, but I know she'll adjust and be so happy soon.  

What we already know about her from just a few hours..

1. She doesn't like sudden movements or if you try to show her how to work a toy and take it from her hand.  Oh no, back arched and screaming!  Maybe it's overstimulation or maybe that's how she defended her stuff in the orphanage from others.
2. She's going to be a BIG time daddy's girl!  She smiled twice and almost a laugh, and they were both with daddy...once when he was holding her in the air and once when he played peek a boo.  He's over the moon in love with his girl..and so am I!
3. She prefers hard toys like stacking cups, her photo book, plastic rings over stuffed animals  and blankets.  Not a big fan of those yet.
4. This girl can EAT!  Anything we put in front of her she eats!!  I love it! Finally I have a child who I don't have to bribe to take another bite! lol
5. She is very observant and curious!  Will turn to look at the littlest sound and will follow you with her eyes across a room.  Taking it ALL in!
6. She likes kicking her feet when she's happy.  When she's taking her bottle, when she's happy sitting in a lap...it's so cute!
7.  She will tolerate bows!!!!  Hallelujah, Amen!Lol...   I know when I saw those clips in her hair yesterday that she would be ok with my big ole bows I have ready for her.  I put one in her hair and she left it in....oh yeah!  Watch out Melissa, TX, we have a new bowhead in town:)

It's truly a miracle of God that we feel the bond and immediate deep love that we have for her.  There is NO other explanation!  LOVE. THIS. GIRL!!!

Waiting for Mollly...butterflies!!

Waiting to see us behind a curtain. Being shown our pic

love at first sight

YuanYuan....the amazing lady who volunteers at the orphanage and has been sending me updates and pics of Molly.  We hugged and cried when we saw each other.

First Bath....wasn't crazy about it

 We go pick up her visa today so I'll update again tonight!


Martha C. Ryan said...

Glad she had a good night! Can't wait to see her all dressed up today! Praying y'all have a great day with little Molly Marie...

Debbie said...

Hi from Scotland. Oh Jennifer, she is absolutely beautiful!!! I have had to go back and look at your photos several times. And honestly? You and your husband are just beaming with joy and pride. MANY CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH. I can't wait to read your next post. You have a daughter, at last!!!!!!

Jodi said...

Ohhh Jennifer!!! Sooo beautiful! An orphan no more - but a princess!!! She looks just perfect in y'all's arms!

jennifer said...

I am over the moon excited for you!!! She is amazing. You will see that every day will get better. Soon she'll be laughing and carrying on with you all day long. It is so heartbreaking to see their little hearts hurt so much. I can't imagine what she's lived through already in her short little life. Thank you Lord, Miss Molly has her Mommy and Daddy!!!

Martha said...

So glad to see her finally in y'all's arms where she belongs...Enjoy these precious days

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Too, too cute!!
What precious pictures. Loving reading about your journey to Molly. So happy for y'all! Glad things are going well. Wishing you all the best.
Holly in South Bend
p.s. She is really rocking that bow! ; )