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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Molly Day 9

We turned it down a notch today and it was so nice to take it easy! We ate breakfast and then strolled down to a really nice park about a mile away.  Molly fell asleep most of the time, so no pics of here there, but I did get some great pics of people enjoying nature all over the park.  They were dancing, exercising, playing ping pong, sword dances....it was so cool to see how everybody was just enjoying being outside and having fun together.  They were mainly senior citizens and they are the most flexible and in shape people I've ever seen!!  They put us americans to shame!
playing hackey sack

outdoor gym!  Look at those stairmasters:)

One of my friends suggested that I tell how this experience is different than what we expected, better and worse, so here are a few:
1. We are amazed at how we felt this strong connection with her from the moment we laid our eyes on her.  Words can't even describe how in love we were with her from that moment on.  She may not have felt the bond right away, but we sure did.   For anybody wondering if you can love an adopted child like your own flesh and blood, we're both here to tell you, YES!!!
2. The people here are very curious.  We thought they were being mean and hateful at first, but when Jon decided to start using his "kill them with kindness" approach, we soon realized that the majority of them are just very curious people.  When they stare, we say hi and smile back and they usually always smile back and are very friendly.
3.  Smiles and laughter is the only universal language we all understand.  We may not speak the same language, but we both know what it means
4. That a child before and after a family with love acts and looks like a totally different child!
5. Everything tastes just a little bit different here.  Even the one restaurant that serves "american" food like hamburgers and fried chicken.  Starbucks coffee, Papa John's pizza, and McDonald's.....it's all off just a little bit.  Oh how I miss American food!!
6. Just how much I would miss my boys!  I knew I'd miss them, but there's an ache in my heart that only they can fill right now
7. Just how much it'd hurt me to hear my baby cry out for a mama that isn't me
8. Jon wanted me to put that he's taller than most people for the first time:)
9. I guess I knew that they ate anything that flies and crawls, but to see first hand animals like little bunnies, turtles, snakes, ducks in cages in restaurants waiting for their death really makes me sad!
10. How CRAZY the drivers are.  They don't yield to pedestrians and will not hesitate to run you over.  I could never drive around here!
These are off the top of my head.  I'm sure I'll think of more later.

I think it's so funny how they translate the English language.  I tell Jon to mind his head everyday...he says it's getting a little old...haha

lost her little black shoe clip today, hence the missing one:)

Today is the first day she attempted to play on the playset.  She was way to nervous before.  Love seeing her try new things

Oh!, and Molly said mama today and reached for me!! :))


jennifer said...

Oooohhhh! You saved the best news for last!!!! She is SO cute!! I know I say that every single day...but I just can't stand it!!! Of course, love her outfit! (I think I've seen those tights somewhere before :)lol...) I love #8 that Jon is taller than people there. Richard actually had to "mind his head" alot because he towered over most people :) So funny!! Is it 4 days now? YOu are getting close. Hang in there!!!

Jodi said...

I just love your photos of the people of China! I so wish we had exercise equipment at the parks! :) Your sweet girl is growing and growing! Amazing what the love of a momma and daddy can do,eh? :) Love and prayers to y'all!

jreyes95 said...

Yippee she said Mama and reached for you! I know that had to melt your heart!! Sounds like she is doing great talking too! Loved reading your list of things about China, we found pretty much the EXACT same things!! :) Only a few more days til your home with your complete family of 6!!!
~Melissa (the google account I'm logged in right now is my hubby's)

Debbie said...

Love this post and love your list!!! We say "Mind your Head" a lot here :-D

Debbie Sauer said...

It IS so amazing how much these babies change in just a few days. I always love to see the difference in the pictures. I remember of being so tired in China, but it's all worth it. Glad she is doing well for you. Blessings

tinychicken said...

We stayed in China Town in NYC and I was so impressed every morning watching the little old ladies doing Tai Chi...they were in such good shape!