Our Journey to Molly


Monday, December 26, 2011

Molly Day 8

We spent the day at a garden here in Guangzhou.  Reminded me a lot of the Dallas arboretum with beautiful flowers.  Great places for photo ops....too bad Molly anytime I pull out the camera!  She can be all smiles and as soon as it comes out, the fussing begins.  Maybe I've overused it just a bit!  We are all pooped and ready to just hang out in the hotel for the next couple of days and do nothing!!  I'm about to go with a few other ladies in our group to the leather market to look for some good knock-off purses.  Jon and Molly are skipping this...and probably better for me! :)

She says dada now and Jon is beside himself, and of course rubbing it in to me.  All I have to say to that is Mama is still #1! Jon says he's just a big, fun toy to her.   That's ok, isn't that the what daddy's are suppose to be?  

She woke up for the first time this morning with a smile on her face when she saw me.  She's usually not very happy when she wakes up.  When she does get up, she just sits in her crib quietly and waits.  I'm sure that will change once she gets a little more comfortable.  

The boys are having and blast in Disney World.  They visited Universal today and did all of the Harry Potter stuff.  I'm sure Ben was in heaven!  We skyped with them this am and they showed us all of their Santa stuff.  I'm going into Coco boy withdrawls!!  I need some little boy kisses SOON!!!!  5 more days!


jennifer said...
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jennifer said...

Good Golly, Miss Molly!! You are such a cutie!! I just want to kiss those cheeks! That park is beautiful! I've never heard of it. And can't wait to hear about the leather market!!

I know you're missing those boys! 5 more days!! It looks like they are having an amazing time!

Debbie said...

You are going to be kissing those boys forever when you get home!!!