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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Molly Day 7

What an amazing day we had!  We celebrated the birth of Jesus with our baby girl today!  Seeing her clap and sway to the music brought tears to my eyes.  To think that she probably would never have heard the story of Jesus' birth had she stayed here makes me so thankful that God chose her for our family and holds us responsible to teach her about Him.  Our guide told us that about 1/4 of people here are buddhist and the rest don't believe in anything.  Seems so crazy to me that they have Christmas decorations and Merry Christmas signs everywhere, but it's all just a fun holiday for them....no meaning behind it.   I could really feel God at work in there.  All of us from different parts of the world, singing in different languages, the same songs about Jesus....it was another surreal moment for me.  

The two people who volunteer in Molly's orphanage and have been sending me updates and pictures of her during our wait, go to this church.   I met Yuanyuan at Gotcha Day but finally was able to meet Tony today.  Such good people who do such good work here in China.  I have so much respect for both of them.  Yuanyuan had tears in her eyes and told me she looks so different because she's so relaxed and has such peace and happiness in her eyes.  She said she's never seen her look like this.  It's so amazing what the love a family can do for somebody.  Tony also told us that she had a favorite ayi(orphanage worker) and that must've been who she was calling out for the first couple of days.  Makes me sad.

We are really missing our boys today.  I hope we never have to be away from them during Christmas again.  This has been the hardest day being away from them so far.   Can not wait until we are all together again! 

clapping along...:)

these children sang silent night in Chinese and then English

Tony is to my left and Yuanyuan and her husband are to my right

eating lunch after church.  the preacher and his family were sitting next to us. 

Wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas!!!


jennifer said...

Merry Christmas!!! What a great day you had!! I have those same feelings everytime I bring the girls to church. Amazing!!! She looks SO adorable and so do you!!! I love her outfit!!!! Molly has "peace" written all over her face. What an amazing Christmas gift she is!! Just a few more days until you get to hug those boys!!! Hang in there. Love you! I'm waiting for the crew to wake up over here!! :)

Martha said...

Merry Christmas! Love the church photos on Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Jenn and Jonathan...........Merry Christmas to u both!!!!!!!!!! Y'all are my hero's.....you"re both full filling what God has called on you to do...what you"re doing speaks volumes about your characters!...count down to coming home.....surely it can"t be the same without the boys.....and RUE and his sidekick!!!!!!! safe travels!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous was lisa gilley..oops!

Debbie said...

Jennifer...Merry Christmas!!! You have got the best pressie this year....Molly looks like she has always been with you and your hubby in these pics. I'm so glad you were able to go to church on this special day. Dx

Jodi said...

Your photos just tear me up!!! I love it!!! God is healing her moment by moment day by day!