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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Molly Day 6

Great day for Molly!  She made some big strides today.  Her personality is really starting to shine.  She's going to be a little ham!  Loves joking with mommy AND daddy and will fall out laughing if she thinks it's funny.  First day that she's truly laughed out loud like this at her own jokes and us.  My new favorite things she's doing is when we ask her for a kiss, she puckers up and leans in for a kiss and then says.."mmmm-WAH!" and her head falls back.  So stinking cute!!  Daddy has also taught her to throw toys, so guess what she thinks is funny now?  Yep!  Throws them and then falls out laughing.  Esp. when she hits daddy and he falls backwards!  Laughs hysterically!   I have to get it on video because it's so cute!  

We went to the pearl market today and I bought a really nice pearl necklace to give to Molly when she's 18 and to wear for her wedding.  We also got to walk through REAL China.  It was so interesting.  Busy streets with all kinds of shops selling anything you can think of...including any animal you can think of...and yes dogs and cats.  Our guide said they are sold as pets, but I'm not so sure.  

I'm so excited about the progress she made today.  Each day seems to be getting better.  Tomorrow is Christmas and we're going to the church where the orphanage volunteers,Yuanyuan and Tony, go to church.  They are the ones who sent me updates and pictures, and kept me sane while we waited.  I can't wait for them to see Molly all dolled up:)

making molly's pearl necklace

Molly's pearls

chinese knock of Leap Frog :)

spending lots of time with this sweet family and Kelly, our guide

all kinds of animals in cages for sale.  

natural home remedies.  These were everywhere

scorpions!  I have no idea what these are used for


Martha said...

Merry Christmas Y'all! Love the sweet photos, her smile is precious. Love seeing those China photos, and the pearl girl. The same girl made our necklaces too.

Jodi said...

ohhhh sweet beautiful darlin'!!!!

jennifer said...

I love this post! All of the pictures are just precious!! What an amazing transformation!

Kelly was our guide too!! Please tell her hello for me!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Gale said...

Beautiful little lady!! Love her sweet smile! Could I inquire about the outfit she wore that had a flower on the top w/sparkly gems and a skirt? I would love that for my g.daughter!! Thank you! God bless the remainder of your trip!

Kate said...

I have been following your blog your entire trip! We just got back from Guangzhou on Thanksgiving with out daughter. Molly just seems so happy and is doing so well!! I had to leave a comment when I saw your guide! WE had Kelly as well! Could you please tell her hello from the Morrisons?? Our older daughter, Lia, just loved her...and our new daughter Jillian is doing so well! I wish you the very best!!

Kate Morrison

Jennifer said...

Thanks Gale! sorry I'm just now responding. I can't figure out how to respond to your post, so I'll just leave a comment. I bought this at a shop close to where I live, and the lady made she shirt and skirt. When I get home, I could send you her information if you want? Just let me know and I'll send it to your email.

Gale said...

Thank you, Jennifer! If you have time and could send me the info, yes, I would love that...but only if you have the time. My email is:


Thank you again! Blessings to you and yours for safe traveling!