Our Journey to Molly


Friday, December 23, 2011

Molly Day 5

It's amazing be able to watch this  little girl transform right before our eyes!  She is happy, laughing, and even starting to get excited when she sees me coming.  I can't believe this is the same scared little girl from just 5 days ago!  She  is still cautious, but we find her relaxing and starting to trust just a little bit more.  She is still having the hardest time in the evenings.  Maybe because she's tired, maybe because we're not doing much and she has time to think about everything..I"m not really sure, but I do know that this will pass.  

We went with another family to the safari/zoo and it was a lot of fun. She liked pointing at the animals and seemed to really like watching them.  

More observations we've made of Molly...
1. She is VERY curious and will intensely check out anyone around us or anything that catches her attention.  
2. She does the princess wave to everybody we pass as we walk through the hotel :)
3. She likes having her picture taken and then looking at it
4. She's a great sleeper...12 hours during the night and 2-3 hour naps!
5. She loves clothes and shoes and gets excited when I pull them out...I love it!
6. Gets easily frustrated and upset by little things,..like if you try and help her with a toy, or if you leave when she's not ready...
7. pats my arm or back when I'm rocking her to sleep....I love that!
8. She self soothes when she's going to sleep by rubbing her feet on the sheets, rubbing her own arms and stomach, and rubbing her ears.  I thought she may have an ear infection because she was rubbing them, but we went to the Dr to day and they were clear.  Breaks my heart that that's how she had to get herself to sleep because there was no one there to soothe her.  
9. she laughs the loudest when she is being tickled!
10. She LOVES being kissed.  It always makes her smile:)

 Boys, Mommy and daddy miss y'all SOOOOO much!!  We can't wait to come home and introduce you to your little sister.  Y'all are going to love her!!  She loves other kids and always watches them if they're around.  I know y'all are going to make her laugh right away and she's going to love her big brothers so much.  Counting down the days until we see all of you!!  


From This Moment said...

Your daughter is just precious!! What a beautiful smile!!

jennifer said...

Jen, these pics are precious! You are right...the transformation is amazing! Miss Molly got a family for Christmas!!!! Whoo Hoo!!! She looks adorable, as always!!

Love ya!!

Jodi said...

Awwwww so precious!!! It is so special to see her bonding with her mommy and daddy! I know the trip seems long but it is really good to be away for the hustle and bustle to be able to focus on your precious treasure!

jreyes95 said...

Love all the pictures and so happy she is doing better and better each and every day! The outfits you have on her are beyond precious too!! It's amazing at how many similarities there are between her and Anna!! We loved that safari/zoo as well!!!

Lori said...

Our daughter was 14 months old when saw her for first time and she also self sooth with rubbing her arm and ear. When sitting in her Daddy's lap at night she's rubbing her his ear now...so sweet!

Sweet Christmas Blessing!!!
Lori Borah
Friend of Jen Doughty

meganm1 said...

She is so precious and we can't wait to meet her. It has been my daily routine to come straight to the computer when I wake up and read your blog. Why am I not surprised she is a great sleeper!?!?!

Debbie said...

Great set of photos....love the ones where Molly is holdng your hand :-)

Teresa M. said...

Isn't the "girl thing" so much fun with clothes and shoes!! Totally different than a boy (my boys never got excited about clothes or shoes). What a wonderful Christmas present. Enjoy China (and the French toast at the China Hotel!)!