Our Journey to Molly


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 4 with Molly

Much better day today!!!!  She seemed much happier and showed her precious smile a lot more today.  Her eyes even look happier!  Mama's still #1, but she did warm up to daddy and let him hold her and even flashed him a few smiles! She has wrapped us around her little finger, and she's starting to know it! :)

 Jon wanted me to let them have quality time alone so she would bond with him.  I do think it helps.  We may start doing this everyday.  He said that he doesn't think she's every played with a toy because she had no idea what to do.  Leave it to daddy to teach her.  She will soon learn that daddy is the fun one:)

 Eating a cracker while worn-out daddy takes a nap..

 First McDonald's experience.  She was digging the fries!  And a coke with ice never tasted so goooood!

Happy girl..

She still had her sad moments today, but they were far and few between.  We definitely made good progress!


Martha C. Ryan said...

Love seeing a few smiles today! She is a precious child! Enjoy every day with her!

Patty said...

When we were in China '07 they said not to get drinks with ice. Looks like you guys are doing great. God bless!!

jennifer said...

YAY!!! I am so glad it was a better day!! She looks absolutely adorable!! And you're right...you can see the spark beginning in her eyes! I just have to say...the pic of jon on the floor with her is the cutest thing ever! I'm loving him!!! I'm so happy for you!

I totally hear you about the coke with ice! We walked to McDonalds every afternoon in changsha (about 30 minutes) to get one!!

BTW...LOVE her outfit today!!!

DiJo said...

You guys are doing an awesome job!!! Baby steps, and being flexible with her is just what she needs as she finds her way.. I have no doubt that Miss Molly is going to be a Daddy's Girl!!! How can she resist? Soon Molly will have no more walls up.. She is learning to trust and love on her terms!! Which in the long run will pay off big time!! She looks adorable!!!.. AGAIN!!!


Martha said...

So glad that she is having a better day. I loved those smiles. She is such a sweetie.

Jodi said...

sooo thankful things are going better! we had to do the same thing with Jorja - except it was her and I who needed our alone time. Though I always was the one to give her food, we had to go to the breakfast buffet without daddy - so she would begin to trust me. Praying for y'all and ohhh my goodness- her outfits are just tooo cute!!

Debbie said...

Oh my.......you are going to be in so much trouble six months from now....I see a Daddy's Girl. I know, cause I have one too :)

Debbie Sauer said...

So glad things are getting better. In a few days she will seem like a completely different baby. I can tell that her daddy is so in love with her. Blessins