Our Journey to Molly


Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 2 with Molly

So today was a better day.  She woke up crying, and her cries are pitiful.  Just plain hurt and sad cries, but I quickly calmed her down with a bottle.  We got dressed, skyped with the family, and then went to get her visa and for an interview so she could officially become a Coco!!  She seemed so much more at ease today.  I can tell her full personality hasn't come out yet, but we saw spurts of it starting to emerge throughout the day.  She even gave both of us kisses today!!  Melt OUR hearts!!!  We've been kissing her nonstop, so I think she's a pretty quick learner:)   On the bus rides she sits in one of our laps and looks out the window while she quietly sings a song.  It's seriously the cutest thing I've ever heard.  
She's a great eater!  She eats anything we give her!  She's also a great sleeper.  She didn't wake up until 9am this morning and then fell asleep on the bus ride home and I laid her down when we got home and she's never woke up.  
We had quite the experience going to walmart today.  Oh my goodess...not your typical walmart!  We've kind've gotten use to people staring and pointing at us and getting in our faces, but it seemed way worse there!  I don't know, maybe we're just getting tired of people getting up in our grill and being EXTREMELY obvious and rude, but the protective mama and papa bear were about to come unglued!   We were ready to get back to the hotel where there are quite a few adoptive families and not so uncommon to see.  

We're going for her medical exam and some shopping tomorrow.  Off to take a nap while she is!


jennifer said...

Oh My Word...Does she look CUTE!!! Love her outfit and of course, her bow!! She is just the cutest thing ever!! I am so happy she did better today. Everyday should be better than the one before. Thank the Lord she is sleeping!! That makes everything better!!
Love you!! So excited for you!!!
Just have to say...that hubby of yours is super cute! I can see the love for his girl written all over his face!

DiJo said...

She is PRECIOUS!!!!!! And, the bows look so great on her! You got some beautiful photos!!!! YAY!!!

I am only laughing about Wal*Mart because we have sooo been there.. Ruby, 2005: stalked for a photo shoot with a bunch of strangers with their phones in Nanchang.. Big old bow on Ruby's head too, and in the baby carrier.. Well.. Enjoy the attention why you can! :)

It looks like things just could not be going better.. You are meeting her on her terms, and that is exactly what she needs.. I can't wait to see her in just a few more days!!!

Another beautiful Guangdong girl has her forever family! Praise God!!!

Merry Christmas Coco Family!!!!

Debbie said...

Jennifer, your daughter has the most darling rosebud lips, just like my Gracie!!! Wondering if Coco if really your surname? Love it ......Molly Coco - sounds like a future stage name! You are all doing so, so well. And look estatic. Cant wait for next update :-)

Martha said...

She's beautiful...love the big red bow.