Our Journey to Molly


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 10

We are officially counting down the hours until we're on our flight back home!  Tomorrow is our consulate appointment and Friday we leave for Hong Kong!!  I'm dreading the LONG 17 hour flight but am hoping a lot of snacks and a few new toys will help pass the time.

Molly's nap has now gone on 3 hours and we are officially bored and tired of being cooped up!  I think we're a bit delirious because we're laughing at our own stupid jokes!  I think it's time for her to wake up so we can get some fresh air!

In the past couple of days, Molly has started to play with her toys a little.  When we first got her, she wouldn't even touch a toy.  We think she had never played with them so had no idea what to do with them.  It's taken this long of us playing with them and showing her that they're fun, for her to start doing it.  We love watching her try new things and be so proud of herself when she does something for the first time.  Love her!!!


this panda plays music when you press his paw.   She has been so scared to even touch him up until today.  I looked over and she was trying to push his paw.

so proud of herself for pulling the stacking cups apart

and putting them together:)


trying to put her shoes on.  This girly girl loves shoes, clothes and jewelry.  I got her a bracelet today that she hasn't taken off and she always playing with my necklace.  She's going to love the one I have for her at home!

We went back to Shaiman island today so we could get a stroller for the airport and to take her red couch pics.  Usually families stay in the white swan hotel, which is where the couch is, so everybody takes a group photo, but it's closed for renovation, so no group photos for us.  Molly got the whole couch to herself.  I didn't really get any good ones because some older ladies kept coming up to her and telling me she needed a jacket(in chinese).  I just pretended I didn't understand.  They were hovering around us like vultures, so we just left.

popping the bubble


Martha C. Ryan said...

She looks like a totally different child from the first day...amazing :))
Three more sleeps until she meets her "bruddas"...can't wait to see that!

Jennifer D., in the last pic she reminds me so much of your Wesleigh :))

DiJo said...

It's probably a good think, you and Jen and I don't live in the same place... Shopping would be dangerous!!!! You have dressed Molly so CUTE every day!!! LOVE those leggings with the tutu bottoms.. I need some of those for Emme!!! Molly has absolutely blossomed with the love of her new Mama and Baba!!! It's almost Friday!!!!!

Merry Belated Christmas!

Shelley Dewitt said...

She does look totally different....that is AMAZING!! Hang in there sweet friend....you r almost there!! I know her brothers must be so excited to see her too! Love you!!

jennifer said...

Oh My!! She never disappoints when I get on my computer each morning! It is amazing to see the awe and wonder in her eyes as she discovers new things. So sad to think what her life would have been like had you not taken the leap!! LIFECHANGING for every single Coco!!

I think your mom is right...she does remind me a little of Wesleigh. She seems to have a sweet personality like Wesleigh too :)

I also think Di is right! Although she and I have proven that you don't have to live close together to encourage each other's shopping addiction :)

Almost home!!! Hang in there!!! I bet your mom is about to explode with excitement!! Makes me tear up just thinking about it!!!

Martha said...

She is blossoming. Love the sweet expressions on her face as she plays with her toys.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed following your trip to get your sweet little girl. Love the photo with the bubbles! Didn't realize they would show up for a camera. Congratulations and can't wait for you to post how her brothers are interacting with her when you all get home. Praying for a safe trip. Our family has made two trips for little girls!
In Christian Love,
Grandma to 5