Our Journey to Molly


Saturday, December 17, 2011


We had a fun day touring all of the great sites in Beijing...Tiananmen Square, The forbidden city, and we climbed the Great Wall...to the TOP!  I had no idea what a workout it would be, but I was huffing and puffing the whole way!  It was steep, long, and the steps were all uneven, so I had to really concentrate on the steps.  It was well worth it at the top though.....Beautiful!!!    We learned a lot of China's history in the Forbidden City and Tiananman Square.   We definitely want to bring the kids back here when they're older because there is so much to see, do and learn!

We are still trying to get adjusted to the time change.  There's a 13 hour difference, so when it's daytime in Texas, it's nighttime here...totally opposite!  We went to bed at 5:00pm last night and woke up at 1:00 am.  Skyped with Nana, Pa and the kids, and then went back to bed from around 3:00-5:00am.  Jon's asleep now and it's 7:30pm..and I'm not far behind!  

We were with a group of 5 other families who are adopting, and we are all going to different provinces tomorrow to get our kids, and then we'll meet back up in Guangzhou in about a week.  It'll be so exciting to see everybody we met today with the newest members of their families!  

Arriving at the Beijing airport.  Welcome signs in all languages...

Tiananmen Square..

Entrance to the Forbidden City..

Squatty  Potty...and yes, I used it!  You do what ya gotta do!

Bikes were everywhere....

Our travel group..

Standing in front of the female lion.  The male lion was on the other side.  The female and male look exactly alike except the female's paw is on her female baby, and the male's paw is on a ball.  Also, in China, the female is always on the left and the male is on the right..

The # of animals on the roof of a castle determines how high up an emperor is.  This emperor was the highest, with 9...

The guard who told Jon no when he asked if he could take a picture with him..haha.  They were everywhere!

Like I said, bikers everywhere, and many of them had lots to carry on back..

authentic chinese lunch.  We had a chopstick lesson, but chose the forks because we were hungry!  Some places don't offer forks, so we better learn how to use them quick!...

shopping in the Jade store...

about to climb the Great Wall..

And we're off!

Half-way up...

My over achiever husband set a time limit on himself to climb it...so that's him WAY ahead of me!

We made it!!

The best view was on the way down!  It was so beautiful!

Only 2 more sleeps til Molly Day!!!!!    We CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!


Martha said...

woo hoo! glad to see you there. The squatty potty...it's such a memorable experience, but like you say...you gotta do what ya gotta do.

jennifer said...

These are great!! I'm so glad you decided to go to Beijing!! I know by now, you are loving the GZ weather!! I'll be stalking the blog tonight!!