Our Journey to Molly


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And we're packed!!!

To say we are last minute packers is an understatement!!  We've spent the last hour shuffling clothes and shoes between the 2 suitcases to get them below 45lbs.  We both came in right around 43....oh yeah!! We just finished and it's 9:46pm!!  I've been reading other blogs of people leaving tomorrow too and they've been packed for weeks!  OH well,....it's done and it's time to go to sleep!  We're getting up at 4:00am and leaving at 4:45am so I NEED to go to sleep, just not sure if my nerves will let me!  Ben teared up for the first time tonight when I was putting them to bed, which then set me off.  I didn't think they would get upset, but that's all it took for my waterworks to be turned on.  They are going to be so entertained and happy, it will fly by for them.  I'm going to miss my boys so much!  I can't wait to get Molly home and have my whole family together!!

We're on our way, baby girl!!  Only 5 more nights without you!! :))) 


Debbie Sauer said...

Have a safe journey and a wonderful time! Stay rested. Can't wait to see her. Blessings

Jodi said...

Praying for you! Praying for your boys! and praying for sweet molly!