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Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Turkey Bowl to Santa!

We were able to kick off the 1st Annual Melissa Turkey bowl this year on Thanksgiving morning!  The kids(that includes Jon) had so much fun!  They were a little intimidated at first with the team they were playing...very tall high school kids, but we managed to win...even if it was with the help of some of the very kind kids on the opposing teams "slips" and "misses" that let us win.  Ben even managed to get a TD!  He was so excited! The dads hadn't moved like that in many years, and were all just a little sore the next day :)

Cold and foggy morning...

                                                   Pre-Game  warm up!

Team Black Friday :)

                                                        Let the games begin!!

                                                       The Proud Winners :)

                                   With their Turkey Bowl certificates.....

I hope this can become a Thanksgiving day tradition each year....so fun!

We brought the kids to see Santa today.  Ben only has 2 things on his list this year, so he was quick, but Reed wrote a list a mile long before he got there and Santa read each and every one of them.  Gage, on the other hand, was only interested in being the center of attention and making the crowd laugh!  When they were trying to get a good picture, he'd make up crazy words and start cracking up and look around to make sure everybody was laughing at him.  Looks like we've got a class clown on our hands!!

We've been going to see this same Santa every year since Ben was a baby, so it's so fun to pull out all of the framed pics each year and see how they've grown.  They love looking at them, too!

The boys with Santa...

And a few more pics of the goofballs on the way out..

I've been working hard on getting all of my Christmas shopping done so I won't be stressing with it when we get out TA.  I'm pretty much done except for a few odds and ends and wrapping them!  1st time in my life I've been done this early!  I'm hoping to get the TA on Monday because I REALLY want to be back home on Christmas Day since the boys won't be with us.  Honestly, I think they would be fine...it would be Jon and I having a hard time being away from them.  I'm not going to stress about it yet though.  I just want to get there ASAP!!  I need my baby girl!!!! 


Jodi said...

praying y'all are home for Christmas!!!!

Martha said...

Love the football game on Black Friday. Praying you get TA and get back home by Christmas.

jennifer said...

These are so cute! I love the Turkey bowl!! Praying you will be back with your sweet girl for Christmas too!!

Your package will be on its way tomorrow!!!