Our Journey to Molly


Sunday, October 9, 2011

still waiting on I800...

Ok, so it'll be 3 weeks on Wed that we sent it off and I'm growing impatient!  It's suppose to be 2-3 weeks, so we haven't run over yet, but of course I've checked other blogs of people who have sent theirs off after me, and got there's in last week! UGGH!!  I'm just hoping that we didn't forget a page or fill out something wrong, which could slow us down a few weeks!  Once we get the I800 back, we should be in China about 6 weeks after, so if we get it this week, we should be there toward the end of Nov to early DEc.  I REALLY want to have this sweet face here before Christmas, so praying we get it approved this week!

I babysat for one of my best friends, Krissy,  last night, and her baby girl just turned a year old.  She and Molly will be about a month apart, so I see many playdates in our future!   We forgot what it's like to have a little one at that age, who's busy, busy, busy, all the time.  It was a great refresher course for us to prepare for Molly!  Raley LOVES being rocked, and Aunt Jenny was happy to oblige.  As soon as she was in a deeep sleep, I'd slowly lay her down in her bed, and she would immediately wake up crying, so we rocked, and rocked and rocked..:)  I really enjoyed it, and watching her sleep peacefully in my arms made me think about Molly, and who is rocking her when she's sad.  Is she getting rocked, or has she learned to console herself because she knows nobody will come?   I still pray that someone at the orphanage has fallen in love with her and is showing her extra attention.  I can't WAIT to rock her and cuddle her for as long as she wants me too.  I have a lot of cuddle time to make up with my precious baby!

                                                                  SWEETNESS :)

This morning, our church had a big tent reunion.  We only had 1 service and everybody was under a huge tent together....SO cool!!   We ate a picnic lunch and they had bounce houses, rock wall, and games for the kids.  It was different and so fun to see people we normally don't get to see because of the different services our church offers.  I love how our church is always attempting to reach out to more people by trying different thing.                                                  

                Sitting with our Favorite Fowler Boys..                  

                                                                      The Big Tent!!

                                                      Gage biting Sprinkles....poor bird!

Gage is usually in Sunday School when we're in church, so he doesn't get to hear us sing.  He sat in my lap and watched me sing.  After a couple of songs, he started belting it out too.  I told him I love the way he sings and he said, " I sure do know I sing beautiful mommy"  Gotta love his confidence! :)

This is the funniest thing little G is doing....his pouty stance when things don't go his way... hands on hips and everything! Where does he learn this stuff...Hilarious!!


Martha C. Ryan said...

Praying for I800 this week!!

Jodi said...

praying for you this week - but if you want to vent - feel free to give me a call!

jennifer said...

Praying it comes tomorrow!! Have you called to check??? You can totally do that! I miss you! We need to talk soon!!

Love all the pics!

Martha said...

I called and checked on ours several times and soon learned our "agent's name and recognized his voice when he said hello. He was very nice and accommodating. Praying you get this piece of the puzzle soon! blessings to you