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Sunday, October 16, 2011

I800 Approval!!

Yay!!  Finally!!  I don't understand why everything feels SOOO slow right now, but it does!  Maybe because we're at the end, and I'm SOOOOOOO ready to be in China, but my life is seriously...tick...tock....tick...tock....

I called USCIS to check on the I800 approval, which is Molly's immigration approval, 3 times last week.  I'm sure they were so sick of hearing my voice that they approved it so they wouldn't have to hear me again...lol!  On the 3rd call Friday, they said it had been approved on Wed, so what next?  I'll copy what Great Wall sent me instead of typing it all out..:)

Once your I-800 is approved, your USCIS file is sent to the National Visa Center (NVC) to be cabled to the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou.  You should receive a letter in the mail from the NVC (or Bureau of Consular Affairs) stating your file has been forwarded ~10 days after your I-800 Provisional Approval arrives at your home. 

Once we receive your package, it will be forwarded to our staff in China on the next business day.  Your child’s DS-230 will be delivered to the U.S. Consulate.  The Consulate will then verify your approvals and issue an Article 5.  This is delivered to the CCCWA, and they will begin processing your Travel Approval. 

We will do all we can to get you to China as soon as possible.  Please note that travel dates will vary based on appointment availability with the US Consulate and Civil Affairs offices.

After we receive travel approval, I think it should take ~2-3 weeks!  From last Wed, we should be in China ~6 10 weeks!!  Oh my goodness!! Can NOT believe I'll be holding my baby girl so soon!  I think I'm still in shock!  

I talked to the lady at her orphanage that I sent her care package to, and she received it last week.  She will send it to the orphanage ASAP and take pics of her opening it soon.  I'll post pics as soon as I get them.  I've studied every picture I have of her and can't wait to get more!

We had a great weekend with my parents this weekend.  They got to watch Ben play football and just spend time with the boys.  Always goes by way too fast!

                                                                Watching Ben...


                                                                    Pulling a flag

                                                  Sorry for the back shot of Jon, but love the natural               laughs in this one :)              

Things are moving now...Hopefully more good news to post soon!

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