Our Journey to Molly


Sunday, September 25, 2011

What we know about our girl...

Now that we have our LOA, I can tell all the details about our sweet Molly.  She is in the Qingcheng District SWI(social welfare institute) in Qingyuan City.  This is in the Southern most part of China...about a 4 1/2  hour drive to Hong Kong and 1 1/2 hours to Guangzhou.  It has a subtropical climate and an average temperature of 70 degrees, so shouldn't be freezing when we go in December..whew!

Molly's name in China is Qingcheng XiaoYa.  In China, first name is last, and the last name is first.  Because she is in Qingcheng district, that comes first in her name.  I am in contact with one of her caretakers at the orphanage, and she told me that her name means Elegant.  When Xiao menas little, then ya means elegant,....it seems to fit her!  We debated on leaving part of her Chinese name in there, but Jon had promised his grandmother before she died that if we ever had a girl, we would use her name(Marie) as her middle name.  And as for her first name, we both love Molly!  We didn't want her to have a really long name, so we chose not to use it.  I hope we're making the right decision.

Molly has a cleft palate and a repaired cleft lip.  I've gotten some good recommendations for a couple of Dr's who do cleft repairs in the Dallas and Ft Worth area, so I'll call them in the next week or two to set something up.  We will probably do that shortly after she gets home.  I hate to think about her going through more trauma so quickly after she gets here, but the quicker we do it, the better her speech will be.  Good thing I'm a speech therapist....are we a perfect match, or what??:)

I have her care package boxed up and ready to send of tomorrow.  I tried to send it yesterday, but the fed ex girl was a little overwhelmed about sending it and told me that I can't send clothes, toys or a camera....uhhhh, really?? Because that's basically all that's in there!  I think I'm going to try somewhere else tomorrow with better luck, hopefully!

                                                      I couldn't pass up these pj's!!

I'm praying this package gets to her and that they can get some pictures of her!  

In between getting care packages together, we did manage to fit some football games in.  Reed had one and Ben had two back to back.   Luckily they're in the morning, so it's not too hot!  I love watching them play! They've both scored a few touchdowns in the games, which really pumped them up.  Other than Reed's coach being a little too hard core for 1st graders, they are really having a fun time.  It was definitely a good decision to keep them in flag one more year. 

               Reed is 4th from the right.  Not the best pics....I should've gotten closer!


                                                        Pulling a flag!  Go Ben!!  

After church today, the boys were all looking cute and semi-color coordinated, so I bribed asked them to take a few pics with me:)  I ended up with a few cute ones..

                                                   LOVE ME SOME COCO BOYS! :)


Martha C. Ryan said...

Love me some Coco Boys, too! Pa says that in the pics of them walking down the lane, all they need are some fishing poles over their shoulders to look like they're in Mayberry!

jennifer said...

What sweet pictures of your adorable boys!! Love the care package! My girls have on those pj's as I type :) What in the world kind of crazy FedEx person did you get?? No clothes??? I sent mine USPS priority mail.

The weather will be great where you're going!!! GZ was awesome in January!!!

Martha said...

Our daughter just had the cleft palate repaired...it's amazing how fast the bounce back!

Angie said...

I just want you to go get her now! I am praying for her that she will be surrounded by people who care for her and that she will immediately feel like she's known you and Jon from the beginning. And that she will maybe share her snacks with some other kids :)

Debbie said...