Our Journey to Molly


Saturday, September 3, 2011


Jean, the twin's mom, went to visit the orphanage Friday, and she sent me an update with good news!  She said she's very healthy, well cared for, and of course precious...which I already know..:)  She also said that she was not afraid at all!    Thank you God!  She sent pictures that I wish I could share on here, because she's SOOOO stinkin cute..:)  She even got a video that she's going to send me when she has time to download it.  I am so thankful to them for spending time loving on our daughter while they were there.  She said they didn't put her down the whole time they were in the children's ward, and I'm hoping that she understood, in some way, how much love was being sent her way from us!!  
 I know she's going to miss her precious little twin friends.  

Go here to read Jean's blog.    You have to go see how CUTE their twins are! 

We're on Day 38...Please pray that our LOA comes SOON!!  We NEED her in our arms ASAP!!!  

We had another fun Friday night at the Cardinals game!  This was Gage's first time to the game, and he loved it!

Gage and his friend, Ellie, watching the game from the end field.  

And now onto the next important game of the day,..... GEAUUUXX  TIGERS!!!!   

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Jodi said...

Ohhhh my goodness the twins are beautiful!!! Sooo sweet to see them with their family finally!

It will soon be your time!!! Come on LOA!!!!! Can't wait to do the happy dance with you!