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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fun!

We had a very low key and relaxing Labor Day weekend. It was so nice to have 3 whole days to hang with the family!  We all watched the LSU game Sat night, from the comfort of our couch!  They played at Cowboy stadium, so we thought about going, but we didn't want to pay the high price tag that came along with it!  So instead of getting all dressed and ready....THIS is how we watched the Tigers win....
                           Even Roux was in on the action..:)   WOOHOO... Geaux Tigers!!!

Yesterday, we went to the Heard museum, where they have animals I've never heard of or seen like this...

I don't know what he's called, but he's in the family of the biggest rodent...ewww!  Gage thought he was SO funny though.  He would get in his watering hole and move his head around.  Gage was laughing so hard saying.."he's dancing in the bathtub"!  

They also have good hiking trails there.
                                              Me and my big boys!

             Everybody ready and excited to take on the trails at the beginning!  Had to carry 2 of them toward  the end!

 Ben posing with his tough new football cut!  It was actually an accident, but Jon and I love it on him!  The guard fell of the clippers when they were cutting it and "balded" him in a huge spot, so they had to go ahead and do all of his hair like that!

               Gage upset about something...but I thought it was a cute pic,.

                                                   Walk like an Egyptian??

LOVE this pic of these 2!

                                         And this is what I get when I try and get them to pose for a pic!

             Gage's 1st day of Mother's Day out starts today!  Don't know       how excited he's going to be about going...wish us luck!! 

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Julie said...

Love Ben's new haircut! It looks great