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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gage's 1st day of preschool

Well, the morning went pretty  much as expected....he didn't want to go and complained about going from the moment the boys left for school.  We took some 1st day of school pics with Roux that crack me up!  Those two LOVE each other!!
He started off by himself....

                                And then Roux jumped in!

I"m telling you, they can't get enough of each other!  

After I explained to him why he  couldn't bring his BFF, Roux, to school with him, we packed up and he pretty much whined the whole way there.  We got there a few minutes early and the front door was locked.  After a few minutes of holding him with his head on my shoulder and whining, he stopped and said "maybe 'dey not here, maybe we can just go home"!  Poor baby, he thought he had really lucked out!  Right then, his teacher  opened the door and welcomed him in, and the real crying started.  She tried to console him by asking if he liked play doh.  His quick response was, "no...I don't like ANYTING!"   Anyway, I left him crying, but wasn't worried because he's at a great school with an awesome teacher, so I knew he'd have a great day.  When I picked him up, he was so happy and went on and on about all of his friends, all the activities they did and how he wanted to go back on THurday!  Hopefully he'll still feel the same way in the am! :)

I'm going with a couple of my good friends for a weekend trip to Florida tomorrow....no kids!!  We've been planning this for a couple of years now, and are so excited to have a whole weekend to catch up and relax.  I'm so blessed to have friends to do this kind of girl weekend with AND a husband who let's me and can handle the kids on his own for a few days!  I think it's so good for mom's to have a little girl time every now and then, and then come back refreshed and ready to take on the world! :)  
Relaxation....here we come!! 

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Jodi said...

Thanks for coming over yesterday and celebrating Elijah's birthday with us! We have to get Elijah and Gage together more often! Have a great time on your girl trip! Can I stow away in your suitcase? :)