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Saturday, August 20, 2011

sip n see

So, anytime I have a shower or party at my house, Jon gets a little nervous!  He knows that entails getting my house in tip top shape..which also means buying things to get it to that stage..;)   Well, this sip and see definitely put a fire under my booty to get things done.  My friend, Whitney, helped me refinish my kitchen table and she did an AMAZING job!!  Check out this transformation...
From this...

to this!

I've had the table since we got married, and still liked the shape of it, just needed a little TLC!

We had a great time loving on Allie Ray this morning at the sip and see. Here are a few pics...

My good friend and best decorator EVER, Lisa, fixing... re-doing... uhhhm....assisting Jon's handyman work..;)

middle sister

Dee-lish cakes!!

the spread..

Megan and I

Sweet Allie..:)

Gage and I ran into Old Navy yesterday, and I turned around from getting my buggy to see Gage riding this dog.  He was getting frustrated with the mannequin girl next to him for not talking back to him.  "mommy, why she not talk to me?" ..lol!

                                Sometimes I think he just likes to see my reaction.....stinker! :)


Julie said...

Looks like a fun day! I can just see Gage being unhappy with the girl not talking to him. His is so funny!

Jodi said...

ohhh I love your table!!! That is beautiful!!!
and hey, that's megan! She was my oldest daughters 1st grade teacher!!! And ohhh - doesn't she have 3 most beautiful daughters!!! just like mommy!

And gage - can he get any cuter! when Donovan and Elijah first saw a mannequin - the looks on their faces were priceless! Especially the headless ones. They could figure those things out! They still think they are just the funniest things ever!