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Saturday, August 20, 2011

School Time Jitters

The boys are gearing up for the first day of school on Monday! They're excited, but a little nervous to be the new kids on the block!   They both make friends pretty easy, but they're use to knowing most people in their school, and seeing familiar faces on the first day.  They're going to miss seeing those familiar faces and their good friends that first week!  We've met a couple of people over the summer that they'll see, so hopefully that will help with their transition.  Jon and I are a little nervous for them too, and ready for them to get into their school routine, make friends, and feel settled!  I better keep myself occupied the first day, because I'm going to be a nervous wreck until I see their faces at pick up!  Ben and Reed will be going to different schools this year.  Reed will be in 1st at the elementary school, and Ben will be in 4th at the Intermediate(4th-6th)!  Not sure if I'm ready for him to be in a school with 6th graders, but from what I can tell, they keep them pretty separated.  Uggh!...I'm ready to get the show on the road!!

We went to meet the teacher Thursday night, and it was a little overwhelming....for ALL of us.   When Ben walked in, he said he really missed Eddins.  I'm sure the 1st week is going to be hard, but I'm hoping they'll eventually love Ridge and McKillop just as much! 
They also met the school mascot, Birdie!  Everybody LOVES Birdie!!
Reed giving Birdie 5!

And of course Gage can't miss out on the action..

Ben trying to decide if it's cool to give Birdie 5..;)

I'm having a sip n see baby shower at my house this morning for my friend, so I should be getting busy getting ready!  I get distracted so easy! :)

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